How To Fix If Mi Fit does not work?

Troubleshoot the Mi Fit app and record your physical activity.

One of the best activity bracelets on the market is the Mi Band. The Mi Fit app is used to record this activity But what happens when it doesn’t go quite right? Mi Fit does not work, problems and solutions of this Xiaomi app.

Mi Fit is the Xiaomi application that is linked to the Mi Band activity bracelet and that has very interesting tools such as sleep analysis, heart rate or weight . Currently the updated version 5.4.1 is available dated October 25, 2021 and works on Android 4.4 and later versions.

The functions of Mi Fit are really interesting especially to monitor physical exercise, but this Xiaomi app does not always work as it should. Sometimes there may be synchronization failures, lack of warnings or notifications or other aspects related to the GPS of the platform. Here are the possible solutions to these problems.

When something does not go well when connecting the Mi Band with the Mi Fit, the Xiaomi app is many and many who look at the watch thinking that the problem is in that activity bracelet. But really when something goes wrong most of the time the problem is in the control app, in My Fit.


If your Mi Fit application does not work or show notifications and you are already desperate or desperate for it, we recommend starting from scratch and restarting the application.

Unlink the smartband from the mobile device and then you must delete the application completely and download it again from the application store. Then sign in with your data.

In the case of the bracelet, enter the settings and then click on “More” to choose the factory reset option. When it starts working again, you can sync it with Mi Fit again.


If the Mi Fit app does not work or synchronize, try any of the solutions that we show you below to be able to solve the problem.

Check that the Mi Band bracelet is not previously linked to another device that is not the one of the mobile that you intend to synchronize now. If it is connected because, for example, you have tried the bracelet on another smartphone, it will not work with the data from that smartband. You will have to unlink it from the previous device and re-pair it and synchronize it with the new one.

Check that bluetooth connectivity is activated on both the fitness tracker and the phone. If not, it will be impossible for the synchronization to take place.

Also check the permissions. When synchronizing the phone and the smartband you must allow the application access to the storage and also the permission of the location. If you don’t, it won’t work properly.

The problem can also come from the Mi Fit version. Check that you have the latest updated version on your phone. If not, you may have errors in the platform.


If your problem has to do with the fact that the GPS does not work in My Fit, then we will show you some of the causes to which it may be due.

You may not have the app’s location permission activated. If you do not have this permission granted the GPS will not work correctly. You must also have GPS activated on the mobile device where Mi Fit is installed.

Also, you must have the battery use restriction disabled on your phone. If you have it activated to avoid spending more, the GPS will be temporarily canceled and it will not work in My Fit either.

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