How to fix HDMI sound output problems in Windows 10

The changes that are taking place today are getting faster and faster and we do not know when a device, equipment or application goes out of style or is obsolete, the same happens with the connectors that are now used in audio and video devices Since transmissions are now faster and of high quality, there can be drawbacks. For this reason we will see how to fix HDMI sound output problems in Windows 10.

Now two different connectors are no longer used for audio and video , through the famous and well-known HDMI, a very high quality connection is made. And its use has spread to personal computers. But lately many problems have been reported with this type of connectors but specifically with the audio output.

And they are not only featured in the Windows 10 versions , they have also been reported in the other versions such as XP, 7 and 8.1. And this may be due to an incompatibility of the drivers, but there is a very simple way to solve it. In the same way we act to solve problems that prevent us from lowering or raising the volume in Windows.

How to fix HDMI sound output problems in Windows 10

Here are some simple steps you should take, not only if you have HDMI sound output problems. If not also when there is no video or the port does not want to work on the computer. Since these are problems with the audio and video drivers, we are going to show you how to update and solve this technical problem.

The steps we describe here were performed on a PC running the Windows 10 operating system and may vary slightly from the other versions. And the first step that we are going to take is to check our Hardware. We must make sure that the cable and the connector are working perfectly and that they are not damaged, and that they are connected correctly.

Now turn on the device that your PC is connected with, be it speaker or TV and then turn on the computer. Disconnect the HDMI cable from both computers, wait a minute or two, now reconnect everything and turn on the devices. In this way we have updated the HDMI connection.

Steps to fix HDMI sound output problems in Windows 10

The next step will be to check that the HDMI connection is configured as default and if it is not, we must do it. For this, we will not position with the mouse on the volume icon and we will right click. In the options we are going to choose Playback device, this will show us the Sound window.

And in the Playback tab we are going to choose the option for digital output device or HDMI, now click on the Default option and then OK. And voila, the HDMI sound output has been chosen as the default.

The next step is to find the driver that is causing problems with the sound reproduction, to do this we are going to go to the Device Manager . Here we can see if an exclamation mark is next to the Driver. If so, hover over it and right-click a menu will appear and you must choose to return to the previous controller .

This action will install the previous driver and can solve the problem. This option is present in Windows 7. If you are using Windows 10 , you must click on properties and in the Driver tab you will find the option Back or Roll Back Driver. If this does not solve this problem, try using the default driver.

To do this, you must uninstall the current driver and the default one will be installed automatically, the other option would be to update the driver. You can also do this in Device Manager . Since the problem that presents you is due to the incompatibility and you need to solve the problem with the Drivers.


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