How To Fix GrandChase Crashes and Won’t Start

GrandChase Crashes and Won’t Start – This guide will show you how to fix crash and startup issues in Grand Chase. These fixes have been recommended by real players in the community, and most of them have been confirmed to work.

GrandChase – Crash on startup – Game won’t start – How to fix it

If we talk about the game first, Grand Chase is a side scrolling action RPG. It is an always online title that has its graphics inspired by anime. Anyone can join the action with the arrow and Z keys, with 20 unique and charming characters. There are several dungeons in a real-time online PvP and fantasy environment. Gather gear and learn skills to enjoy the action packed with dungeons and PvP. The game is available on Steam and is completely free. If you like 2D sideshifters, I recommend you give this a try.

Unfortunately, Grand Chase is currently experiencing some technical problems. The game fails for many people. And for some, it won’t even launch or start.

GrandChase crashes when people try to change graphics settings or try to change resolution. The situation is quite complicated at the moment. There are many posts like this on GrandChase’s Steam Discussion page:

The game keeps crashing (and a blue screen in the middle)

I have some problems trying to play this game.

My PC specs are Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and a RX 550 with 2GB as a graphics card.

In the server menu, the game freezes and it seems that my graphics card is not responding to the game. I have some black screens between those crashes and after a while the game just crashes or a blue screen appears.

I play other games like FF XVI and use my PC without any problem, so I rule out a hardware problem.

Is anyone experiencing something similar? What was the solution?

So I decided to post a troubleshooting guide consisting of various fixes that might help you.


How to fix crashes and launch issues

Fix No. 1

The first solution comes from the Steam user. / Taee :

  • Go to the game folder
  • Right click on GrandChase.exe
  • Select properties
  • Click on the Compatibility tab
  • Compatibility mode: Windows XP Service Pack 3
  • Check “Run this program as administrator”

This worked for me after some testing.

Fix No. 2

The second solution comes from the Steam user. / Jump . This is for people whose game crashes when changing screen resolution or graphics settings:

  • Press alt + enter to go full screen
  • Change the resolution to 1920 × 1080 in the options

There is another solution for this issue from the Steam / Autumist user . You can check it here .

Fix No. 3

The third solution comes from user / Velcudez :

Check the integrity of the game. It should fix your crash issues, it works for me.

  • Go to the library
  • Right click on GrandChase
  • Properties
  • Local files
  • Verify the integrity of game files
  • And wait until it’s done

Fix # 4

(Note: this solution requires you to work with the Windows Registry Editor. Do so at your own risk).

The fourth solution comes from the Steam user. / brokulis . This solution is for those who have problems with LAV (part of K-Lite Codec Pack) opening countless times until the game crashes, here is the solution:

  • In the search bar, search for regeditand open it as administrator by right clicking on it
  • Go to this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE WOW6432Node LAV Audio Blacklist
  • Right click on the blank space in the folder and add two new DWORD values ​​(Main.exe and GrandChase.exe)
  • Set both as value 1
  • Restart your PC

These are all the solutions I have for you right now. The game servers are fully loaded. Therefore, you may experience more problems than usual. I’m constantly checking the forums, and as soon as something new comes out, I’ll post it here.

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