How to fix GPS location error in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Welcome! If you have downloaded the Harry Potter Wizards Unite app but you get the GPS location error , don’t worry, here we will show you the possible solutions.

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  1. Alternatives to fix the GPS location error in Harry Potter Wizards Unite
  2. Activate precision location
  3. Don’t turn off your WiFi
  4. Improve the quality of the GPS signal of your Android device
  5. Open Google Maps
  6. Try recalibrating the GPS

Alternatives to fix the GPS location error in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Next we will teach you several ways to solve the GPS location error in Harry Potter Wizards Unite quickly and easily. You just have to try each one until you find the one that works best for you.

Activate precision location

In case you don’t know, Android devices use 2 different ways to obtain our location in real time.

  • Device only: in this option our location is determined only with the GPS.
  • High precision savings: calculate location via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile networks. This mode is the one that works best, since it uses all the tools of the device to locate us.

To activate this high precision option, what you must do is go to the ‘Settings’ section, then click on ‘Security and location’ and there you must make sure that this Google precision option is active.

For older versions of Android, you must go to ‘Settings’, then select the ‘Location’ option, then click on ‘Mode’ and finally select the option that says ‘High precision’.

Without a doubt, this alternative will work to solve the GPS location error in Harry Potter Wizards Unite on mobiles that have a very weak GPS signal.

Don’t turn off your WiFi

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unity video game employs a fully assisted location system. In other words, it relies on the wireless network signal, the signal emitted by the nearest telephone tower and the GPS satellite signal to be able to calculate our location in real time.

This is why if you find yourself playing with Wi-Fi or the data signal turned off, then it will be much more difficult for the game to determine your location.

Normally this is usually the cause that the character we choose moves by making small jumps around the map. So, to prevent this failure from occurring very often, we recommend that you keep your Android’s Wi-Fi on even if you are not connected to the internet.

Improve the quality of the GPS signal of your Android device

Fortunately we can find a lot of applications in the latest version of the Google Play Store that serve to increase the GPS signal that our mobile phone emits.

That is why you should enter the Google Play Store to download the Active GPS app and thus improve the signal of your Android mobile to prevent the GPS location error from appearing in Harry Potter Wizards Unite .

Open Google Maps

Another trick that is useful to solve the GPS location error in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is to open Google Maps and leave it running in the background. In this way we will test if the app can determine our location on the map, which would help other apps such as Harry Potter to determine our location.

Right off the bat it seems somewhat pointless, but it is a simple alternative that we can try to solve the error in the app and play quietly without any problem.

Try recalibrating the GPS

If you are using the light version of Google Maps but it cannot determine our exact location, then you must go to the settings to recalibrate the GPS.

For this, we recommend installing an application called GPS Status & Toolbox , which will greatly facilitate the entire process. Next we will teach you the steps you must follow to recalibrate the sensor of our GPS

  • After downloading the GPS Status & Toolbox app , open the menu on the side of the screen.
  • Select the option ‘Manage A-GPS status’.
  • Press on ‘Reset’and in this way the data from the GPS cache of our Android device will be erased.
  • In case the GPS continues with the same problem and cannot locate us, then you must return to the previous menu and select ‘Download’.
  • Then, the app will completely recalibrate the GPS using data from the internet to determine where we are at that moment.


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