How to fix GIFs not working on Facebook?

How to fix GIFs not working on Facebook?In addition to publishing photos and videos, Facebook will also allow us the option to share a GIF ; However, unlike the first two types of multimedia files mentioned, GIFs in general tend to be quite confusing, having problems such as not being shared, if they do, the animation is not reproduced, the image is not displayed and so on. In this article we will tell you some tips that you can apply to make a GIF work correctly on Facebook. If you are interested in knowing more, keep reading.

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  1. How to fix GIFs not working on Facebook?
    1. Problems with native GIFs
    2. With GIFs from other sites
    3. Branding pages and ads
  2. What are other actions that can be taken if problems persist?
    1. Use different browser
    2. Update Facebook
    3. Use ‘Report a problem’ button

How to fix GIFs not working on Facebook?.

How to fix GIFs not working on Facebook

The Facebook platform is one of the preferred and preferred social networks by users around the world, along with Instagram. In addition to photos and videos, we can also share GIFs , as we already mentioned at the beginning of this article.

The problem is that we can have many problems if we want to share a GIF , since Facebook usually has always had difficulties with this type of file, although currently it has been solved a bit, but without being exempt from it.

Depending on how we have uploaded or shared the GIF, if it presents a problem the solution will be somewhat different, we will tell you what some of these cases are.

Problems with native GIFs

When we refer to a native GIF, it is one that is uploaded directly from the same platform on which you want to share, in this case Facebook; The platform has a specific option to search for GIFs from Facebook’s own bank, without having to resort to another external platform.

Now what can happen? The problem will be those that we have already mentioned previously, that is, the image is not displayed, it does not reproduce correctly or it is simply not shared.

What can be done to fix this? We must first verify if we have a good internet connection, either through data or Wi-Fi; If we see that we comply with this aspect, we proceed to upload our GIF again, previously eliminating the one that we had uploaded first; Also try another, to see if the problem is not you, but the GIF itself.

With GIFs from other sites

In addition to uploading GIFs from Facebook’s own bank , there is also the possibility of sharing them from other internet pages, with GIPHY being the largest bank of GIFs there is. In this case, there is a greater possibility that we will have problems when we want to share the animated image.

But in this case, the cause of the problem is no longer due to an error in your phone, connection or the platform as such, but in how we proceeded to share the multimedia file .

What should we do then? Very simple, once we have gone to the official GIPHY page or any site where our GIF is hosted, we must right-click on the file and give the option to “Open in a new tab.” We go to the new tab of our browser and there we copy the URL that is presented to us, we paste this address in the Facebook profile or the comments and that’s it.

Branding pages and ads

In the event that we have brand or ad pages on Facebook and we want to share a GIF created by us  or that we download, nothing can be done in this case, since the platform itself does not allow it; it is also not possible with third party applications even.

What are other actions that can be taken if problems persist;How to fix GIFs not working on Facebook?.

How to fix GIFs not working on Facebook

If it turns out that some of the solutions mentioned above do not work, we can also try the following, which would already be more general solutions. Remember that these problems when wanting to share a GIF through Facebook , are quite frequent and in some cases, it will be necessary to resort to looking for other GIFs or simply to skip them.

Use different browser

If we are sharing a GIF from our computer and the problems persist, it is better that we try using another browser that we are using at the moment.

In most cases, we are most likely using Chrome, but we have other options such as the Mozilla Firefox browser , Opera or Edge itself, the built-in browser in Windows 10.

Maybe when we go to share the GIF from this other program , the problem can be fixed. In the event that we meet from the mobile and you use the application, try using the Lite version, if you use the full version or the full version, if you use Lite. Also try to use your mobile browser.

Update Facebook

This solution is only possible if you find it from the mobile application, be it the Lite or full version; Check through the PlayStore, if you have an update available, if so, try to update the Facebook app and then try again to share the GIF.

Another option also, you can clear cache and data of the application, uninstall and reinstall the app; this could fix Facebook’s problems sharing GIFs.

Use ‘Report a problem’ button

As a last option, is to report a problem , if none of the above works, then it may be due to a problem with the social network servers. With respect to your specific account and the best thing is that you report this problem with the button that Facebook has to perform this action.

You will do this in case no solution works for you and with any other GIF with which you have tried, it may be that from the Facebook attention center they will give you an answer and a possible solution to it.

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