How to fix frequent Risk of Rain 2 errors on PC

Here we have the sequel to Risk of Rain, brought to us by Hopoo Games. If you’re familiar with the previous installment and its rogue-like 2D rig, you’ll love Risk of Rain 2, with its new 3D environments and uncompromising action.

Now you can take on alien planets with up to four players in cooperative mode. Loot hunting is back, and better than before, look for that special item that increases your offensive or defensive capabilities.

Or, if you feel like it, collect credits and look for the upgrade station that is scattered all over the map.

But enough to talk about the key aspects of the game, let’s talk about the bugs and problems that the game is facing at the moment.

Although they are still in early access, many players have reported cases of errors in numerous files on Steam threads .

Contents index

  • Common risk of rain 2 bugs
    • Game without throw
    • The camera always points down
    • Framing problems
    • Game stuck on first screen
    • Disappearance of files
    • Black screen with sound
    • Problems with multiplayer mode
  • How do we solve these problems?
    • Risk of Rain 2 launch issue fix
    • Fixed camera
    • Risk of Rain 2 FPS bug fixes
    • What to do if Rain Hazard 2 got stuck
    • Fix game file saving errors
    • Fix Risk of Rain 2 black screen
    • Fixed issues with Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer mode

Common risk of rain 2 bugs

  1. Game without throw

Early access games are bound to have some hiccups, in this case players reporting that the game won’t launch in the first place.

Game does not launch – crashes on launch!

  1. The camera always points down

Strange things can happen to games in early access, in this case problems with the camera are reported. With the camera going at weird angles, or causing input latency for users.

The camera is always pointing down, or I’m getting weird input latency!

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  1. Framing problems

Nobody likes it when a game starts to stutter uncontrollably, but Rain Hazard seems to be plagued with this problem at the moment, with many reporting that this problem occurs during longer matches.

Currently, when I hit 50-60 minutes, my Framerate starts to fail in the big fights that occur. None of the settings really affect it at all and I’m 100% sure it’s not my hardware.

  1. Game stuck on first screen

Some have been stuck on the main menu screen, with the Early Access disclaimer stuck on screen, and no other progression is available from that point on.

I can’t get past the first screen, and it says EARLY_ACCESS_DISCLAIMER.

  1. Disappearance of files

Some users have reported that the game was unable to save their progress. With most having to restart the game, with similar results.

i have played ror2 and i have unlocked a lot of things but every time i play on another desktop i lose all my data and save it

  1. Black screen with sound

There are some cases where the sound works fine but the screen fades to black, and some have been waiting on that loading screen for years.

When starting the game I find a black screen that keeps loading for a long time (I waited about 30 minutes to see if it loaded).

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  1. Problems with multiplayer mode

We all love to spend some moments in the game with our friends. But Risk of Rain 2 doesn’t do very well in this regard, with cases where multiplayer doesn’t work at all or lags behind.

I have been having delay issues since my departure. Multiplayer is not playable for me. It is nothing more than being in limbo for minutes, unable to interact or harm anything.

How do we solve these problems?

  1. Launch of the game
  2. Camera problems
  3. Fixed FPS
  4. Fixed stuck game
  5. Save fix file
  6. Black screen issues
  7. Multiplayer fix
  1. Risk of Rain 2 launch issue fix

To do this, simply whitelist your Windows Firewall and add an exception rule to your game in your antivirus program.

  1. Fixed camera

First, try unplugging and plugging the controller back in if you’re using one. Second, you can access Device Manager from the Start Menu , and try to reinstall the driver.

  1. Risk of Rain 2 FPS bug fixes
  1. Open your Nvidia Control Panel ;
  2. Select Manage 3D Settings and select Risk of Rain 2 in Program Settings and set Power Management to Prefer Maximum Power ;
  3. Save the modifications and exit.
  1. What to do if Rain Hazard 2 got stuck

In order to work beyond the early access disclaimer screen, please verify that the time zone of your windows system is not invalid in the Clock section.

  1. Fix game file saving errors
  1. Open the Steam window;
  2. Click Library to open the game collection;
  3. Then right-click on Rain Hazard 2 and select Properties ;
  4. Press the Verify integrity of game files button.
  1. Fix Risk of Rain 2 black screen

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open your Task Manager, locate RoR2.exe and select it and click End Task . Now restart your game.

  1. Fixed issues with Risk of Rain 2 multiplayer mode

First, you can repeat the steps shown in the save file arrangement. Also, try to run the game with administrator rights and add an exception rule in your antivirus for the game.

We hope these fixes have been helpful to you. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the game so far, in the comment section below.


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