How to fix Fortnite Error LS-0014?

Quite a few Fortnite players have already reported flashing error LS-0014. Moreover, it appears every time you try to start the game or at a random moment in the game. This error appears on the screen after a Fortnite crash, preventing play. The message indicates that the game cannot find the required file, without which the launch is impossible. The matter may be that the file has been deleted, moved, damaged. This happens when the client is out of date, installation problems, virus activity, etc. Anything that can help fix the LS-0014 error in Fortnite is described below.

How to fix Fortnite Error LS-0014?

First, you should try relatively commonplace methods that have not become less effective. We would recommend completely restarting the game, i.e. going into Device Manager and closing all Fortnite-related processes, then starting it up again. Then it is worth trying to update Fortnite, if during the upgrade the system finds a missing file, it can install it automatically. If the above did not help, move on.

Method 1: recover game files

This tool is present in Epic Games, as well as in other gaming platforms. The system analyzes all files and compares them with those located on the server, taking them as a standard. If there are any deviations, the tool will correct them by adding or replacing individual elements.

How to start file recovery:

  1. Close Fortnite completely, including in Task Manager.
  2. Open Epic Games and go to the “Library” section.
  3. Next to the tile with the game, click on three dots or the gear icon.
  4. We select the “Check” option and wait for the completion of the procedure.

Method 2: get rid of the conflict with other software on the computer

Certain programs may not work well when combined with others, especially if they share the same files or resources. To fix this, you need to close all third-party programs, especially those with overlay functions, in particular MSI Afterburner, Discord, Spotify.

Method 3: delete the cache

Epic Games keeps files that are useful to them on the computer all the time. The program then uses them to speed things up. If the data has been corrupted, various errors may appear.

How to clear the cache:

  1. Closing Fortnite and Epic Games
  2. Press the Win + R combination, insert% localappdata% into the line and click OK.
  3. In the Epic Games Launcher folder, open the Saved directory and clear all of its contents.

Ultimately, if none of the above helps, it’s worth reinstalling the game. To do this, Fortnite must first be completely uninstalled and only then reinstalled.

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