How to fix Fortnite error CE-34878-0 on PS4

How to fix Fortnite error CE-34878-0 on PS4.Before we try to fix the CE-34878-0 error on PS4, let’s understand what it means. Each error is assigned a code from a set of letters and numbers. Information that deciphers the designation can be found in the “Error history” section in the “Settings”, “System” menu.

The CE code is assigned to other and general faults. Namely CE-34878-0 indicates an application error. Recommended solution – restarting the program. The only problem is that rebooting does not solve anything and at a certain point the game still crashes.

How to fix Fortnite error CE-34878-0 on PS4

After some time of discussions on the support forums, the problem was fixed and the standard recommendations led to the restoration of the applications’ functionality. However, saves were lost in many cases. Now the problem has returned again, and official recommendations are not always effective. According to the company itself, they were unable to identify the consistency of user requests in order to understand the exact reason. Problems arose spontaneously without any pattern.

Games in which CE-34878-0 appears

The problem occurs most often in games :

  • Witcher,
  • Uncharted 4,
  • Fifa,
  • Battlefield,
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division,
  • 2K,
  • Watch Dogs 2,
  • Dragon Age.

In fact, there are many more such applications, these are only the most popular. What can be said about specific solutions for each game:

  1. In The Witcher, the problem occurs when saving to Novigrad. Create saves manually outside of it, this solution has helped many. Sometimes, to fix an error, you need to complete a specific task.
  2. In Battlefield 4, the screen crashed when switching to a different map. This appeared after one of the updates and was resolved in subsequent ones.
  3. GTA 5 was buggy for those with over 100 PSN friends. The problem was solved by reinstalling the game.
  4. In FIFA, one of the working solutions was to disconnect from the Internet, delete all saves, including local ones, restart and play a match, and then connect to the network. However, in this case, all past saves will be lost.
  5. Uncharted 4 crashed for many almost immediately after the launch of the company. After several patches were released, the problem was fixed. In some cases, unlinking and linking an account from PShelped .

Thus, it is possible to define a general algorithm for how to fix the CE-34878-0 error in any application:

  1. Follow one of the official Sony PS instructions below.
  2. If the general recommendations did not help, contact Sony’s support team, as well as the game developer.
  3. If the problem is in the game itself, wait for the update from the developer to be released and follow the recommendations for installing it.

General recommendations for solving

Sony offers the following generic solution to error CE-34878-0:

  1. Exit the game, install the latest firmware and update the app. Then restart your console.
  2. If the problem persists after replacing the internal hard drive, return it again.
  3. If the two previous tips did not help, initialize the system.

To check and install the latest PS4 game and firmware:

  1. Go to the PS home screen
  2. Select the game that is having the problem.
  3. Press the Options button on your controller.
  4. Select “Check for updates” and wait until they are downloaded and installed.
  5. Go to the “Settings” section from the home screen.
  6. Select “System Update”, wait for the installation to complete.
  7. Restart your console.

Initialization is done as follows:

  1. In the console interface, go to settings.
  2. Select the “Initialization” section.
  3. Click “Initialize PS4”.
  4. Select “Complete”.
  5. The system will display a warning that all users and data will be deleted.
  6. Confirm initialization.
  7. Wait for the process to finish.
  8. After loading the STB, enter the initial settings.

This procedure completely deletes all data from the console, including save files. But since glitches often occur in the middle or even at the end of the plot, no one wants to replay the game. Therefore, before initialization, make a backup copy to a USB flash drive or external drive:

  • Connect the USB drive to which the backup will be transferred.
  • Go to “Settings”, then “System”, section “Back up and restore”.
  • You can only recover data to this console if you have never used PlayStationNetwork.
  • If you want to save the prizes you received on PSN, go to the Features screen, select Prizes, press Options on your controller, and then sync to the network.
  • Data can only be copied to media with the FAT and exFAT file systems.

After you have successfully backed up, initialized, and restored data, error CE-34878-0 is likely to be fixed.

For some games, the following solution works:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “User”;
  • click “Login Settings”;
  • disable face recognition (uncheck “Enable Face Recognition”).

There are a number of other possible solutions:

Transfer all saves to the cloud storage by deleting from the console:

  • go to “Settings” and go to the “Manage saved application data” section;
  • go to the network storage, mark the broken game and click “Upload to the network”;
  • go to the system memory and delete all data from there;
  • then try downloading the app again.

Try to re-login to your account :

  • Sign out of your PSN account;
  • start the game;
  • exit the game;
  • sign back in to your account.

IMPORTANT. Uninstall the game you are having the problem with. Then download it again.

Another variation with the removal of the game:

  • completely remove the problematic application;
  • start installing the game again, but always without add-ons;
  • pause updates;
  • wait until the game is installed;
  • start the game;
  • only then start the update.

As you can see, the solution to the common error of the PS4 CE 34878 0 console boils down to an iterative search of the recommendations of the users who encountered it. The official reason for its occurrence has not been named. In most cases, the developers are involved in the solution, trying to release updates to games that will not have this error. Probably, this is some kind of internal glitch or defect of the console, which periodically pops up in a particular game.

Of course, this spoils Sony’s reputation, because there were many cases when people ordered a new release of a game by pre-order, and when they received it, they could not launch it. Or, after completing part of the game, they again faced the familiar blue screen. If you have a new console, then you have the right to return it or replace it with another one if such a problem occurs. Since the CE error 34878 0 does not occur to all users.

Regardless of whether the recommendations described in the article helped you, always contact the support service of the developer and the set-top box itself. Your information is likely to improve the PS4 experience in the future. If you have encountered error CE 34878 0, please tell us in the comments how you managed or failed to fix it and in what situation it occurred.


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