How to fix fatal system error c000021a in Windows

When you have a computer, you have a state-of-the-art machine with which we can perform lots of different tasks and activities. Still, for many it can be a bit funny to know that we have so much technology in our hands and we often use it to watch videos without animals for hours.

However, this is one of the biggest activities we have to do on a computer: leisure; And just like this there is much more to choose from in terms of activities. Many work, watch programs, design, talk to others, and much more through a computer.

Really, it will be a long time before computers are completely reinvented in terms of their overall design, but it is not from a lack of trying. In the past, several manufacturers have wanted to do something different and special with the computer, make it look different.

Many times this has come in the form of a Chromebook or other devices, but this is often overlooked since the current design of the computer and how it works is just good and efficient, but that does not save it from not reaching have your technical problems.

Personal computers can have a wide variety of problems that present themselves in different ways. And, among the most famous problems are blue screens of death , screens that appear unexpectedly with the menacing “ fatal error ” message .

When these occur, we don’t have much to do but try to fix the problem as soon as possible so that it doesn’t happen again and doesn’t damage your computer. That is why below we are going to talk about a specific error, c000021a , and how you can solve it.

What is the cause of the c000021a error?

When a blue screen appears on our computer, we can get very scared, because they can become quite serious errors that would put your computer in a trash can or recycle the parts that no longer work . But when they occur we should not panic and try to find the solution to them as quickly as possible so that they happen again and we do not end up with damaged processes.

In the case of the c000021a error , there is no difference in the same procedure that we must know what caused the error to stop. In this case, the error is due to hardware or software that you have tried to put on your computer and it has not turned out to be compatible. Here is the importance of detecting problems with the hardware or software of your pc .

Resolving the c000021a error

Because the c000021a error is due to a hardware or software incompatibility, you will need to restore your computer to what is called a previous operating state.

In order to do this, you will need to restart the computer (not turn off and on). And when the option to press the “F8” key appears on the screen for more options or when it is requested in the boot process, you must press it.

Now, you will see different options on the screen that you can easily navigate with the up and down arrow keys.

Now, you must move to the place where it says ” Last known good configuration ” or ” Last known good configuration ” to press the Enter key in this option.

Next, select the system version to which you want to start and press Enter again, which will cause the system to restart under the version that you have indicated of your operating system.

And in turn this will end up fixing the infamous c000021a bug But it is good that you remove or uninstall any software or hardware not compatible with your computer that you have recently put.


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