How To Fix Facebook when uploading a story?

Facebook has the option to share stories with and without music, small videos, posts, links and even stories to ask questions, you will even know who sees them . However, there are times when errors occur when trying to upload a story , here you will see their solutions.

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  1. What are the common causes of errors when uploading a story?
    1. Internet connection failure
    2. Application problem
    3. Conflict with the mobile
    4. Cache conflicts
  2. How to check if there is a problem with the Wifi?
    1. Enable data usage
  3. How can you tell if there is a failure in Facebook?
    1. Update the Facebook app
  4. How to avoid cache conflict error?
    1. Clear cache from application settings
  5. What is the use of restarting the mobile if there is an error uploading a story?

What are the common causes of errors when uploading a story?

If you have problems uploading a story to Facebook, it may be due to various problems: the connection, problems in the application or even on your mobile, lack of storage space , although all these problems can be solved and you can use the application as usual. .

Let us also remember that if you have violated any community rule of Facebook, you will not be able to share, publish, comment on or upload stories to the network by this means until the time determined by the review has passed, this according to the severity of the offense committed.

Internet connection failure

A failure in your internet connection can also be the cause that you cannot upload stories to Facebook, check your Wi-Fi connection and if your signal shows problems you can restart the Router and wait to see if your signal is restored.

If you use a navigation service based on a Megabytes plan on your mobile, check that you have a sufficient number of Megabytes and are in a place with coverage, if the problem persists, put the device in Airplane Mode for 10 seconds or turn off and turn on mobile data.

Application problem

If, despite the fact that your signal is in optimal conditions, you still cannot upload stories to Facebook, the problem may be in a temporary failure of the application , it is normal that these applications may present failures due to changes in their platforms or updates, as well just be patient.

Conflict with the mobile

If your mobile is the impediment to upload your stories to Facebook, we recommend you restart it, so you can restore some functions of the application that are not working correctly. Restarting the mobile can also optimize the processing speed of other applications.

Cache conflicts

The application cache contains files saved temporarily, but it can cause the application to crash and slow down if the application suffers from an excess of cache files, so you should delete those files.

How to check if there is a problem with the Wifi?

If your Wi-Fi signal has a problem, the application will not work correctly, although in some cases Facebook notifies its users if they have an internet connection problem , there are times that the problem goes unnoticed, then it is best to check the Router and restart it .

Enable data usage

Verify that your Mobile Data is turned on, otherwise you will not be able to use the application. It also verifies if you have sufficient coverage and Megabytes service to navigate, if your mobile signal has any problems it could be a matter of waiting for your services to be restored.

How can you tell if there is a failure in Facebook?

Through the Navigator in the news section you will be able to find out if the application is suffering a temporary crash and if its services will be restored in a certain time or it is a matter of waiting.

Update the Facebook app

Another reason why the application is not working properly may be due to a lack of update in the application, which is easily solved by searching for the Facebook application in the Play Store and selecting the option to ‘update’.

How to avoid cache conflict error?

Cleaning cache files regularly avoids major inconveniences in the application or on your mobile , not only in the Facebook application, but also in all your applications.

Clear cache from application settings

Go into settings and access your list of applications by searching for Facebook, you will see the weight of those files next to the option ‘Clear Cache’, this will improve the development of the application, thus solving current and future errors.

What is the use of restarting the mobile if there is an error uploading a story?

The restart optimizes the speed of the mobile , cleans some junk files and allows its applications and functions to work normally without problems. So if necessary, you can restart your device if necessary and maybe the error will go away.


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