How to fix error NW-4-8 on Netflix

When we are watching Netflix, on any device, it is usual that errors can occur . These are many times due to the connection, to many people connected at the same time or to problems with the cell phone.

And it is that in the world of Netflix there are a large number of errors that can occur and each of them is marked with a special code to be able to identify them. For example , error 301013 that occurs on PCs and mobiles.

One of these errors are those of the NW series, which are mainly due to connection problems. For these reasons, we will discuss what it is and how to fix the NW 4-8 error on Netflix on the different devices where it can occur.

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  1. What does it mean that the NW-4-8 error appears on Netflix?
  2. What should we do once this error appears on Netflix?
    1. Reboot the device
    2. Log out and log in again
    3. Check for available updates
    4. Restart the modem
    5. Factory data reset the device
  3. What other errors can we see on Netflix and how do I fix them?

What does it mean that the NW-4-8 error appears on Netflix?

Generally, when NW errors occur, especially NW 4-8, it is due to connection problems between devices. Although this error also sometimes occurs because there is too much cache accumulated in the memory of the device where Netflix is ​​streaming.

Therefore, the information or the connection must be updated to generate more fluidity between the devices and the transmission. Similarly, you can restore values ​​to how they were at the beginning to solve this situation. What you should know is that this is not a major error, therefore do not be alarmed or lose your cool in view of the transmission being cut off for this reason.

What should we do once this error appears on Netflix?

When the error NW- 4-8 appears , a wide variety of procedures can be carried out to try to find a solution. Since it is about the internet connection, most of the time there is not only one way to try, but options must be discarded.

It will also depend on where you are watching Netflix , since it can be on a computer or on a mobile device. In smart TVs there are slightly different errors, but this can also occur due to the application or the Wi-Fi. Also, if you use a server like Roku TV, you should also try any of these procedures.

Reboot the device

One of the first things to try to fix the NW error is to reboot the device. To do this, you can proceed to a simple shutdown on phones, tablets and televisions, since they can be turned on instantly.

As far as computers are concerned, the page can be refreshed or updated so as not to have to turn off the pc. In this sense, updating the page means that if the Netflix connection is not coming, the whole process is restarted and it starts playing again.

The restart of the device, therefore, must be applied when the same is not receiving any connection. That is to say that in addition to Netflix, you cannot connect to other services such as a social network. Since turning the device off and on makes it lose or close other applications.

Log out and log in again

Another thing that can be tried is by logging in again. In these cases, from any device and being on the Netflix platform we must look for the menu. Next, we go to the settings where in the background, the last option appears to log out.

After having left, you have to re-enter the platform by logging in. That is, complete the form data with the data of the user account created. When you open it again, you should already have a connection so you just have to check by opening any content on the platform and wait for it to load.

Check for available updates

Updates are one of the things to be aware of, as they may not be set to automatic. Therefore, they are not going to update themselves; When an app is out of date, it can start to crash or generate errors, including connection problems.

So in these cases you have to go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store to download the new version. In each of the stores you should search for the Netflix application either by its name or by searching for it in my applications. After finding them, you must click on update to start the download.

If the application is on a smart TV or Play Station, you must also go to the corresponding virtual store. Although the mobile device can be synchronized to link Netflix with the TV and thus download the app through the mobile.

Restart the modem

But when it really comes to connections, it is to the router or modem where you have to go . To reestablish the connection and return the internet to your device in order to continue watching Netflix, you just have to turn the modem off and on. In this way we solve the error NW -4-8 when the internet returns.

If a quick restart doesn’t work, a cycle restart can be tried . In this sense, what you have to do is disconnect the modem or router from the socket. Once disconnected, let it rest for a few minutes and plug it back in. Then the internet should arrive again.

Factory data reset the device

A more serious solution that is recommended only to be done in extreme cases is to do a factory reset. This is done when the device is damaged, when it has a lot of faults or when it is slow. And it is that when restoring data, all the information of the device is erased.

To do this, you must look in the settings, and then it will depend on what device you use. In most cases you can find the option in security.

This is where when entering is the option to restore factory data that removes all the software. When you finish doing the process, the phone will be completely new as far as system is concerned.

What other errors can we see on Netflix and how do I fix them?

As we have mentioned before, Netflix can throw a large number of errors depending on the problem. Such is the case of the UI-300- 8 error that generally occurs on Smart TVs.

Similarly,  error 5.8 warns that the application needs to be updated. Therefore, just updating the app as mentioned above solves the problem.

But the most common are the NW ones, among which are the NW-2-5 error and the NW-2-4 error . Belonging to the same family as the one described in this article, we can find the error NW-4-7. As well as the errors NW-3-6, NW-6-403 or the NW-1-19 , which all have the same procedures described in the article as a solution.


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