How To Fix Error Code 0xc00007b In Windows

Computer systems get into trouble from time to time, and this is quite tedious when you want to take action. For example, the Windows operating system may display an error when a certain program needs to be opened . For this reason we explain how to correct the error code 0xc00007b in Windows and have the definitive solution on your PC.

What could be the cause of the error?

The causes of this type of problem are probably harmful DLL files , which prevent applications from correctly accessing Windows. Or simply because the user does not have permission to do so, and that is why it appears blocked with the error code 0xc00007b.

What is a DLL file?

A DLL file is, an active link library , that have an executable code that is loaded under the operation of an applicable software. Next, we show you the steps you must follow to correct the error that occurs when executing a program.

Solutions to remove error 0xc00007b in Windows

In a brief and concise way we show you how to solve the problem of the error in Windows 0xc00007b, pay close attention to the following:

  • Restart the computer: If you have just installed a program and it does not allow you to open it, try restarting the computer to refresh it and thus resolve the failure. This step is essential, since many programs require a full restart in order to access DLL documents.
  • Reinstall the program: If you encounter error 0xc00007b, you can try reinstalling the application, but making sure that it is complete on the computer. In this case, improve the internet speed to rule out a network failure in the download to the computer.
  • Reinstall the .NET: The .NET is the frame that holds various executable programs for Windows and a discontinued version will not serve the purpose on the computer. To get the latest .NET version go to Microsoft’s official website to download it using a web installer on your PC.
  • Apply Windows Update: Many computer errors including error 0xc00007b, can be avoided by having the Windows Update operating system updated on the computer. In this case, what you should do is go to the configuration and start the installation of the latest updates that Microsoft offers. After reinstalling or updating Windows Update, you must restart your computer and try to open the program you want again.
  • Update the program manually: Some applications or programs require a manually executable action that allows downloading and replacing DLL files. You should go to the folder named “Program Files” and it will look for a document called “Ubdate.exe” and activate it directly.
  • Install DirectX again: Just like .NET, DirectX is a series of APIs that are used to make programs, and if it is updated it could solve the problems.
  • Update Visual C ++: Visual C ++ is the code language for making programs compatible with Windows, and these are found in the library system. Also, it should always be up-to-date for best system performance, so you need to make sure that it is constantly up to date.
  • Assess the hard drive: An important aspect that you should not overlook is to check or check the status of your computer’s hard drive . If the hard disk has a technical problem, this will undoubtedly prevent you from opening the program that you have installed and giving you the error 0xc00007b.
  • Replace the DLL manually: Finally, you can change or replace DLL files manually, although this can be quite a risk . It should be noted that a wrong step could affect the functioning of the Windows operating system, therefore, we suggest you seek the help of a programmer.
  1. You must create or make a system reset point on the computer.
  2. Get the DLL files online mfc100.dll, msvcr100.dll, msvcp100.dll, and msvcr100_clr0400.dll.
  3. Then you must replace them in the “System Files” sub folder and that’s it.

We hope that this informative article will help you to correct the error that you present, remember to update your Windows to the latest version , to avoid future inconveniences.

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