How to fix error CE-113524-6 on your PlayStation 5?

PlayStation has a wide variety of advantages and benefits for its users, through its online service platform . This allows them to access games with other users in real time, as well as private entertainment services; as in the case of the PlayStation Now service .

However, PlayStation consoles usually suffer from different code errors in their interface ; preventing the user from enjoying the entertainment it offers. Such is the case of the console error code CE-113524-6, which is one of the most common; as well as fortunately, one of the easiest to solve.

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  1. What causes error CE-113524-6 to appear on your PS5?
  2. What is the easiest way to remove this error from your PlayStation 5?
    1. Restart your console
    2. Check the status of PlayStation Network services
    3. Change the automatic WiFi band to 5 gigahertz
    4. Configure DNS services
    5. Connect your PS5 to the internet using an Ethernet cable
    6. Reboot and move the modem closer
    7. Open TCP ports (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480) and UDP (3478, 3479,49152 ~ 65535)

What causes error CE-113524-6 to appear on your PS5?

This error code appears when there is maintenance on the PlayStation connection platform . However, in other scenarios, the console connection problem may be caused by the console itself; that is to say, that it is a fault in the configuration of the connection of the PlayStation 5.

What is the easiest way to remove this error from your PlayStation 5?

The solution you should apply will depend on the cause of the error code on your console. Usually, if it is about maintenance on the connection pad on PS5; This will be solved on your own in a certain period of time. But, in case this has happened and you do not have a satisfactory answer, you can try the following options:

Restart your console

Turning off your PlayStation 5 can erase the data stored in the console’s cache; added to this, any possible code error that could interfere with the connection of the console with the platform. When you’ve turned off the console, wait a few minutes before turning it on again and verifying the connection.

While you wait, you can take advantage of restarting the modem or the WiFi router , depending on the connection you have. This could correct the connection problem if it originated from the internet source.

Check the status of PlayStation Network services

Before checking the status of the console services; You need to check the current state that maintains the connection of your PS5 with the network. To do this, in the main menu of your console, you will have to enter the ‘Settings’ section ; then, among the available options, you must select the ‘Network’ box.

Now, if the status shown by this panel states that the console is connected to the network ; then you can proceed to check the status of PlayStation Network. In case your console does not maintain a connection to the network, you will have to establish a connection first. On the other hand, if your console has been suspended from accessing the PlayStation Network , you can evaluate it in this section.

To check the status of your console on PlayStation Network, you must select the option ‘View the status of PlayStation Network’ ; in the options menu of the ‘Network’ panel. By selecting this option, the console performs an analysis of the connection status to the PlayStation platform automatically.

Change the automatic WiFi band to 5 gigahertz

If you have a 5G network and it is not the one linked to the PlayStation 5 console, you must change it; in order to rule out that the error code CE-113524-6 on your console is not caused by a band problem . Since some new models of PlayStation 5 console perform better when linked to this type of connection.

To make this configuration, you must go to the ‘Settings’ section of your console, and select the ‘Network’ box. When you enter the corresponding menu you must go to the ‘Settings’ option and then select the ‘Set up internet connection’ section . There, among the available connection options, select the one corresponding to the 5G network.

Configure DNS services

Changing the DNS data of your connection could be the key to solving the error CE-113524-6 on your PS5 console. To do this, you must go to the ‘Network’ section in the ‘Settings’ menu of your console; to later enter the ‘Network settings’ box and select the option ‘Configure internet connection’ .

When you are in this section, you must select the network to which your console is linked; in the panel that is displayed on the left of the window and select the option ‘Advanced settings’ . In the menu that appears, you must select the section identified as ‘DNS Settings’; then change the setting to ‘Manual’.

Next, you will have to change the default values for ‘Primary DNS’ and ‘Secondary DNS’ shown in the menu. For the ‘primary DNS’ you must assign the value of:; and to the ‘secondary DNS’ the values ​​of: In order to apply these changes, select the ‘OK’ option in the lower right corner of the window; In addition, to formalize the process you will have to restart your PlayStation 5 console.

In case you do not achieve the expected result through the DNS configuration; It will then be necessary for you to access the PlayStation support . For you to get in touch with the platform’s servers .

Connect your PS5 to the internet using an Ethernet cable

This option is quite efficient in case your WiFi router is not capable of emitting a 5G signal; as well as when the signal that it emits is very weak. Establishing a wired connection between the modem and your console will facilitate data transfer with the PlayStation Network platform; which would fix the error code displayed by the console interface.

Reboot and move the modem closer

To restart the connection between the console and the WiFi internet source, you must go to the ‘Settings’ section in the ‘Network’ panel; this within the options available in the ‘Settings’ menu of your PS5. Once there, you must locate the option ‘Connect to the Internet’, and then deactivate and activate the box again.

Later, you can restart the WiFi modem to which your console is linked; to correct any possible error in the signal frequency that it emits. In case you cannot change the wireless connection of your console to the internet for a wired one; make sure that the WiFi router is as close as possible to the PlayStation 5 console. So that the network signal is strengthened.

Open TCP ports (80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480) and UDP (3478, 3479,49152 ~ 65535)

The ports are responsible for the data transfer between the console and the internet source flows properly; so if these ports are closed, they can cause the error code in the interface of the PlayStation 5.

To configure the opening of the TPC and UDP ports, you must enter the router NAT configuration window . Keep in mind that the process to access this configuration will depend on the router model; but it is usually found in the section referring to ‘Advanced Settings’.

When you can access this configuration window, you will have to enter the IP address linked to your PlayStation 5 console. There, you will have to open the necessary ports:

  • For an associated IP connection over the internet, TPC: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
  • For an associated IP connection without a network link, UDP: 3478, 3479.49152 ~ 65535

In case you cannot access the NAT configuration tab of your router, you can request a technical service job.

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