How to fix error CE-107891-6 on PS5?

This is a very strange error that appears when trying to launch various games. Most users encounter it in Cyberpunk 2077, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, CoD: Warzone, Mass Effect LE, etc. The extensive list of affected games indicates that error CE-107891-6 on PlayStation 5 appears due to which something internal glitches, not game files, as many claim. There are 2 popular theories of the problem: conflicts between certain game content and the operating system, or problems with copying data from an external drive to an internal SSD. The text of the message simply says: “Can’t launch the game or application.”

How to fix error CE-107891-6 on PS5?

It is now so early in the life of the new console that Sony’s official website does not offer any solutions for this error. For this reason, it remains only to speculate about the reasons for the failure with the CE-107891-6 code based on user reports. Logically, in order to fix compatibility problems of individual content and problems in copying files, you need to carry out one procedure.

Implementation guide:

  1. Remove the game from your system.
  2. Installing the game again, but on the internal SSD is a must.

While this is not the solution you would like to see, so far only reinstallation works. There are no users who would indicate that something else worked for them. If your desire to play the game is persistent, just reinstall it

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