How to fix error 963 in Google Play Store

It is common in the Google Play Store to present errors categorized with numbers, such as Error 920 or Error 963; since sometimes failures occur within the platform or in the mobile that prevents us from performing a download or any other action within the app.

Every time an error appears within the application, take note of the error code that it gives you, so that in this way you can specifically search for what the failure is due to.

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  1. What does Google Play Store error 963 mean?
  2. Why does error 963 appear in the Google Play Store?
  3. How can I fix this flaw within the Play Store?
  4. Most common errors that may appear in the Play Store
  5. How can you prevent suffering one of these errors on your cell phone?

What does Google Play Store error 963 mean?

This error code is frequent when trying to execute a download or update, and when it reaches 100% it restarts or cancels itself, throwing “Cannot download, try again and, if the problem persists, get help to solve it (Error code: 963) ».

The origin of the error has not yet been determined, but it is known that it is frequent in mobile phones of Chinese origin, such as the ZTE, Xiaomi, HTC and Hawuei; However, it has possible causes that with simple methods, you can completely eliminate the error and proceed to the usual download of the applications.

Why does error 963 appear in the Google Play Store?

As we mentioned before, this type of problem frequently occurs in Chinese mobiles sold in international stores which have their ROM modified to be able to have a multilanguage system, and for this they make modifications to the Google Play Store, which many times generates this error 963.

Now, another possible cause of this happening to a mobile from another brand may be errors with the application cache, or communication problems with the SD card; in the event that the applications are downloaded and saved in the external memory. And finally, it can happen thanks to an error in Bugs of the Play Store when it does not update its version.

How can I fix this flaw within the Play Store?

Error 963 does not have a specific cause, therefore, it does not have a single specific solution, but below we present the possible solutions to eliminate this error so that you can continue with the downloads from the app store.

  • Clear the Google Play Store cache.

Most applications create temporary or residual files that allow applications to flow much faster by not having to waste time generating or downloading new files with data that the application needs to function; This is called a cache and is created each time we install a new application and then uninstall it, or when you run software updates.

These files accumulate and occupy space on the mobile, since they do not clean themselves, and they begin to generate conflicts ; so they must be eliminated manually, to do this follow the steps:

  1. Look for the Settings or the gear icon on your mobile.
  2. Access Applications or Application Manager.
  3. Then select, “All”, there you search for “Google Play Store” and select it.
  4. Head to Storage> Clear data> Clear cache.
  • Remove the SD Card

It can happen that your SD card is corrupt and this generates error 963 in Google Play Store, especially if you have external memory as application storage. To solve this failure, you must remove the SD card safely to be able to verify if this is the cause of your application not downloading.

  1. Go to Settings> Storage> Safely disable SD card.
  2. Proceed to turn off your mobile and wait about 10 seconds to turn it on again.
  3. When you do, wait for all the login processes to load and then head over to the Google Play Store and try to download
  4. Go to the Google Play Store and try to download the app that you couldn’t download

Note: if the problem is solved you can activate the SD card again and move the applications to the internal storage to avoid more errors

  • Remove the update from Google Play Store

When the application is updated very quickly, it happens that there may be errors that have not yet been determined and solved by Google, since in a certain period the update remains in test to confirm compatibility problems that may arise.

So, maybe that is influencing the Error 963 that you are presenting, so the solution is to delete the update you have and return the Play Store to its factory version. To do this, go to Settings> Application manager> All> Google Play Store> delete data; now on the icon with the three dots ⋮ in the upper left corner uninstall updates, finish by restarting the device and reinstall the update.

  • Add the Google account again

As a last option to solve error 963, try to delete your associated Google account and then add it again; To do this, go to Settings> Accounts> Google> Your Google account> More> Remove Account. And then add your Google account again.

Most common errors that may appear in the Play Store

  • 501, it prevents opening the application or continuing with a download, to solve it delete the cache memory of the Play Store and delete your Google account and restart the mobile.
  • 504 , to solve it clear the data and cache of Play Store and Google Services Framework.
  • 905, please uninstall updates from Google Play Store to fix it.
  • 906, Frequent on HTC mobiles; disables the microSD card.
  • 919, insufficient space on the device, as it allows the app to be downloaded, but once installed it cannot be opened.

How can you prevent suffering one of these errors on your cell phone?

If you have noticed, most of the errors presented in the application store are due to an excess of cache memory on the device , so the best thing would be to install an application that is responsible for eliminating junk files, such as the CCleaner application.


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