The error code means “the connection to the server could not be established” or officially “Possible port error or add PS3 to Demilitarized zone” (Possibly a port error or add Ps3 to the DMZ). As a rule, it occurs when trying to update games via a Wi-fi connection . On ps3, Wi-fi works more mysteriously than a wire, and that one is faster. At the same time, the Internet works. The error has a lot of solutions, so it remains to iterate over them sequentially.

How to get rid of update error 80710723 on PS3.

So, the simplest. Since the set-top box works via Wi-Fi, connect it via a wire. You will need a patch cord, which you can buy at any store, or for testing, you can temporarily disconnect the wire from the computer to the router. Most often, the problem is solved at this moment.

Doesn’t help or is just inconvenient? Let’s try the following. Try to turn off the access point (router) and set-top box. Wait half an hour for them to cool down and try again.

Hard-code it in Settings → Network Settings → IP Internet Connection Settings. You can take 192.168.1.x. X – any number from 2 to 254. The main thing is that it does not coincide with the analogous IP of the computer and smartphone.

You can check the IP on Windows by opening Start → Accessories → Command Prompt . Then type ipconfig and press Enter. Works? No, then further.

Write in the Google DNS prefix, the second Where see the previous point. Check the functionality. After downloading the updates, return DNS to its original state . Otherwise, the connection time with the sites will slightly increase. If you’re happy, leave Google. The second option with DNS is to register OpenDNS and Everything here is like with Google.

Order a permanent (also called “white”) IP from your provider. It needs to be registered to the access point. How to do this depends on the specific router. An option that solves many other mistakes, but costs money.

This is where the opportunities, more or less available to the average person, end and it’s time to move on to professional ones. Here you will either need your router skills or invite a friend. Climbing in complex devices can lead to the loss of the Internet in general and the need for a paid master call from the Internet provider. If something happens, call technical support with a request to send it to you.

Techniques that require system administrator skills

Go through the items in sequence:

  1. You need to open ports UDP # 3479.3658, 3478 and TCP # 5223, 80, 443.
  2. Disable Upnp, the media server on your set-top box.
  3. In the Ps3 settings, set the connection type to NAT2.
  4. Add a prefix to the DMZ. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. Quote from there: DMZ (English Demilitarized Zone – demilitarized zone, DMZ) – a network segment containing public services and separating them from private.
  5. Reset the access point settings to the original and reconfigure the Internet.

After each item, it is advisable to reboot the router.

That’s all. We hope you were able to defeat your device with our help. Struggle makes you stronger and encourages new challenges. Good luck!


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