How to fix error 8071053D on PS3

The error appears when trying to log into the PlayStation Network . Usually caused by technical problems on the Sony side. Second possibility: the game cannot be downloaded or updated from the PSN store . The creators of the set-top box recommend rebooting the device along with the router. It is necessary not only to turn off each of them, but also to wait about a minute or a little more. Some players additionally disconnect devices from electricity. It really helps, but it happens briefly. There are users who only have 10 minutes running.

What to do if error 8071053D appears while using PS3.

Second solution: wait. The network may be overloaded by many players, or just one of the servers has stopped due to Sony’s internal reasons. The one who gets the error in the evening may find that the rising sun has magically melted the problem with its rays.

The third, more complex one, is PS3.Proxy. This should be done only with good computer skills. In PSN, your set-top box does not go directly, but through the computer. You will need to download the program for Windows PS3.ProxyServer.

The program is free. Unfortunately, the developer has made his website in Chinese. You will have to use the search on English-language or Russian-language sites. Despite the advice to use the method on the Internet, it is better to use the method with caution. Numerous search assistants may just as well help hackers.

There are a few more possible proxies. Instructions for one of them can be obtained here.

  1. Install the server on your PC.
  2. Set the proxy server port. For example, 8080.
  3. Find out the IP of the proxy server using the ipconfig utility in the Windows command line. You will find Command Prompt under Start → Accessories.
  4. Set up your PS3 to a proxy server. Go to Settings → Network settings → Internet connection settings, find the proxy settings there (can also be called a gateway). Write down the proxy server address and port.

Proxy connection is more difficult, forcing the use of an additional device . But it also has advantages in the form of protection from too zealous adherence to copyright. It’s no secret that protected games can cause a legal user more inconvenience than they do after hacking. On the PC, there are cases when a legally purchased game was replaced with a pirate just to get rid of jambs with protection.

For Linux users, the problem is more difficult to solve. However, if you have the skills, you should also fix the problem on Windows. A proxy from a reliable provider is preferable to amateur solutions. Below will be an instruction for Ubuntu Linux.

Install Squid:

sudo apt-get install lighttpd squid jesred

Configure Squid:

http_port 8080
cache_dir ufs / var / spool / squid 100 16 256
acl ps3 src
http_access allow ps3
url_rewrite_program / usr / lib / squid / jesred
strip_query_terms off

Now jesred:


jesred.rules (the regular expression should be built on the basis of the file /var/log/squid/access.log, here is an example)

regex ^ http: // \ product \ = 008A \ & country \ = gb http:? //localhost/dUO8CdsAMhrhFHGBBeAxKIMtnRmiWpy9tFG6vLf1KcGd3KFiEQjD5R6i0KDvamHLATTxpjQ6fTylR0qqK7D03luEbr6eYRd2yIVE0.pkg


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