How to fix error 43 Disney +

If you are wondering why error 43 occurs on Disney + and how to fix it, know that in this case the problem is related to playing the requested video. Read on to find out how to fix the Disney Plus error code 43 problem .

If you have an active Disney + membership, you may encounter the following error message:

Sorry, we are unable to play the requested video. She tries again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney + Support Center (Error Code 43).

This message indicates that the video you are trying to watch at the moment cannot be played. This could be due to a connection problem or to this reason:

  • the video you previously added to your yet to watch list has since been removed from the platform.

How to fix error 43 Disney +

To fix the problem, follow these instructions:

  • When you get an error message on Disney +, the best thing to do is to try restarting the device you are using for viewing the content.
  • The second attempt is to restart the connection and check if it is fast and stable enough to play the video. If you use the Disney + app, go to Profile> Downloads> Download Quality> High to solve problem 43.
  • The third attempt is to check if the device you are using is compatible.


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