HOW To Fix Error 2148204812 In Video Games

Gamers often encounter various failures when launching gaming software on a computer , and they have to be fixed on their own. One of the common errors encountered when starting games (usually licensed versions protected by anti-piracy software) is accompanied by the message “Failed to start Denuvo driver. Error code: 2148204812″.

Denuvo driver initialization failure can occur for various reasons. Often this is a conflict with other software, such as the Valorant Vanguard anti-cheat, but there is also a possibility that the antivirus is blocking the launch of the game or the user is hacking, which became the source of the problem, and in some cases an incorrect system update may also be the cause. Let’s consider effective error elimination methods that will help to cope with an error in a particular case.

Restarting the computer

Many one-time system software glitches are resolved by simply rebooting the device. The error “Failed to start Denuvo driver. Error code: 2148204812″. In some cases, this simplest method allows you to get rid of it, so the first step is to restart your computer.

Reinstalling the game

An effective way to fix the Denuvo driver error “Error code: 2148204812” is to reinstall the software. So, in case of software corruption, the failure can be fixed if you correctly uninstall the game through the Settings (Win + I) or Control Panel snap-in, reboot the device after completing the procedure, and then re-install it on the computer.

In the case of using gaming software through Steam , uninstallation and subsequent installation are performed through the launcher.

Uninstalling the latest Windows updates

Oddly enough, sometimes provoke the error “Failed to start Denuvo driver. Error code: 2148204812″ can be recently downloaded system update packages. In this case, the latest updates can simply be deleted. To do this, in Windows 10, perform the following steps:

  • go to “Settings” (Win + I or go through the “Start” menu);
  • open the “Update and Security” section;
  • in the first subsection “Windows Update” open the “Update History” and click “Uninstall updates”;
  • a list of packages installed on the computer will open in a new window, select the last of them, right-click – “Delete”, confirm the action;
  • restart the computer after removing the latest updates and check if the problem has disappeared.

Remove anti-cheat Vanguard

Since error code 2148204812 often occurs due to a conflict between Denuvo and Vanguard, if you have an anti-cheat installed on your computer, removing it will help solve the problem. The procedure is standard:

  • close Vanguard in the system tray (right-click on the icon and select the appropriate item from the menu);
  • uninstall the softwareusing the “Settings” system snap-in, where we go to the “System” – “Applications and Features” section. You can also use the Control Panel (“Programs”). Select the software from the list and delete it by confirming the action;
  • restart the device.

Disable antivirus

Sometimes the culprit for the Denuvo initialization error preventing the game from launching is the security software installed on the device. This usually happens when using an unlicensed version of the software. The game file could be quarantined by the antivirus, in which case it will need to be restored, and then added to the exclusions. Also, for some users, the error disappeared after disabling the standard Windows Defender . You can do this in the following way:

  • go to the Windows Defender settings, for example, using the search bar, where you should enter the appropriate query, or “Settings” – the “Update and Security” section – “Windows Defender”;
  • in the service settings we find the item “Real-time protection” and move the toggle switch to the off position.

Depending on the source of the problem, it can be solved by one of the above methods. Even if the cause is unknown, you can fix the failure by alternately using various options.

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