How to fix error 0x97 on Epson printers

Although it is true that printers in Windows 10 work under the simple Plug & Play system, some of them may still show certain disadvantages when using it. Apparently, this complication is especially common in the best Epson printers for students . If this is your case, and you have problems getting your printer to work, we will show you how to solve the 0x97 error in any Epson model .

As we said, first of all this should not happen, because precisely the advantage of the mechanism known as Plug & Play is that it is only necessary to plug in the printer, and it should come out running, already configured.

Well, undoubtedly there are some users for whom things are not so simple, and precisely in their case we want to stop, in order to solve the 0x97 error, one of the most frequent on these machines.

This message is usually displayed as an error message on the screen or on the input panel of the printer. Therefore, if you have it in front of you, it is time to get down to work to eliminate it.

Fix error 0x97 on Epson printers step by step

Well, before giving you up to three tricks to solve the error 0x97 in Epson printers, you have to take a look at basic matters, such as seeing that the cables that connect the printer to the power supply and the computer are well plugged in and are the originals. , and the printer is on a flat surface.

Similarly, you have to check that there are no open printer panels, that there is no paper jammed inside, or that the tray is not loaded. If none of that happens, it’s time to continue with these tutorials.

Run the Printer Troubleshooter

Windows 10 has a built-in troubleshooter for printers , and that’s great news. Eventually, we must always start with him in these circumstances.

  • Open the Settings with the Win + I keys
  • Go to the Update and security tab
  • Select the Troubleshoot section
  • Go to Additional Troubleshooters
  • Select the Printer Troubleshooter
  • Apply all the corrections it recommends, and wait for the result

Uninstall and reinstall the printer

Printer installation is handled automatically by Windows 10, but there may still be some hiccups. To correct the error message, you should uninstall and reinstall .

  • Open Settings with Win + I
  • Go to Devices, Printers and scanners
  • Select the Epson printer, and Remove device
  • Disconnect the printer, restart the computer and the printer
  • After a couple of minutes, connect and restart everything, leaving Windows to work

Windows 10 should install all the essentials for the printer to run on its own.

Update the printer driver

Windows 10 automatically installs the printer drivers so, in principle, we discard this option. However, you can update the drivers yourself to be sure .

  • Open Device Manager
  • Enter the Printers section
  • Right click on Epson
  • Go to Update driver in the context menu
  • Check for available updates online
  • Install updates and reboot

Thorough physical cleaning, the last alternative

If even after all the steps above, your Epson printer still does not work, it may be due to a technical failure or, in the best case scenario, it needs a thorough physical cleaning .

Over time, and especially when it is given minimal use, printers tend to accumulate dust and dirt inside. Therefore, they will always need a deep cleaning at least a year .

At this point, you can take care of the cleaning yourself if you have the appropriate tools, although if not, we advise you to contact a specialist who will review it and recommend what to do.


In summary, there is no doubt that printers are easier to configure today than they were 10 years ago, but even so, from time to time we can run into an obstacle like this error from Epson .

Luckily, these are not usually serious issues, and with the tricks above or a cleanup, they should be fixed.


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