How to fix error 0x000000F3 DISORDELY_SHUTDOWN in Windows 10

No one can deny that Windows is a great operating system, however, this also has a bad part, and that is that it has many flaws, such as the 0x80072efd error . That is why this tutorial was created, so that you can fix the error 0x000000F3 DISORDELY_SHUTDOWN.

If the fault that is occurring in your computer is the one named, then you have to know that there are memory problems in your PC, since usually that is the main cause of this error, which luckily can be solved very easily and without have to format anything.

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  1. How to fix error 0x000000F3 DISORDELY_SHUTDOWN?
  2. Repair errors in your drive!

How to fix error 0x000000F3 DISORDELY_SHUTDOWN?

Now, to get straight to the point, the first thing you have to do to be able to solve the Windows error 0x000000F3 DISORDELY_SHUTDOWN, is to update it to its latest version or, failing that, download a legal license from the Store .

If that has been clear to you and you meet these requirements, then it is time to move on to the solutions that will help you get rid of this annoying failure. Number one is perhaps the simplest, and it involves checking the latest downloaded drivers and programs.

This must be done because one of these programs may not be compatible or has been downloaded wrongly and is causing failures. To check if this is the error or not, just search for the latest drivers and roll them back to an older version.

In the case of the programs, you must uninstall or eliminate them and test if the error still appears, if the answer is yes, then you have to take out the heavy weapons and try other solutions, if not, everything is ready.

Repair errors in your drive!

One of the most effective ways to fix the 0x000000F3 DISORDELY_SHUTDOWN error is to check the drive for errors and repair them. To do that, first you have to go to Windows startup and open the “Computer” option .

Within this you have to stand over the “Local disk C” and press right click, in the drop-down that will jump you choose the option called “Properties”.

This action will take you to another different section, in which there will be a ribbon with several selections, you have to choose “Tools”, in it you will have a button called “Check now” press it.

Next you will be shown a window with two boxes, check the one above, this will automatically repair the errors once they are found, then press “OK”, with that a scan will begin on your computer and those will be repaired. files on the hard drive that are causing your failure.

Restore the system!

If with the above you could not solve the error 0x000000F3 DISORDELY_SHUTDOWN, then you will have to carry out this other procedure to see if you can put an end to your problem.

The procedure to follow is to restore or recover Windows 10 to eliminate errors, to achieve this you have to first go to your Windows start, and in the search bar place the words: system restore.

With that you should get an option with the same name which you must press. This action will create a new window where you have to click the “Next” button to continue. Now you will find yourself in a section where you get all the saved versions of your computer.

There, click on the box that is called “Show more restore points”, so that all the available versions appear, once that is done choose a version of your Windows where this failure has not yet occurred and click “Next”, then accept and ready.

With that you should have already been able to end your failure, so you have nothing else to do here, however, instead of just keeping this information, it is recommended that you keep looking for more about Windows problems so that you do not get caught by surprise. You can search for example: how to fix the blue screen error 0xc000001 , which is another frequent error.


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