How to Fix Err Connection Closed Error

Maybe while browsing the internet, we open a web page and we get the error ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED and we can no longer do anything, just close and open another. In these cases Google only informs us that the connection with the page we want to use has been closed, let’s see what this error means and what we can do to solve this error.

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  1. What does it mean when I get the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error?
  2. How can I fix this flaw on my computer?
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  3. How can we prevent this error from appearing on our PC?

What does it mean when I get the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error?

This error can appear at any time, regardless of the page we are looking for. The ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error is a notice or notification that Chrome sends us to tell us that there was an interruption in the transmission of data for the connection. As its own name says, the connection has been closed.

How can I fix this flaw on my computer?

Perhaps you have realized that this warning is accompanied by possible solutions, these are only hypotheses of the root of the problem and if we try we may find the correct one. But let’s see some ways that we can employ to fix this glitch in the computer . Let’s see first in the case of Windows.


The first thing we should do is make sure that we have internet access , check the internet connection on your computer, make sure you are connected to an internet network and that internet access is good . If you don’t have internet access, you should check the cables and if everything is fine, but you still don’t have internet, restart the router.

ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED in Chrome can also be caused by an error in the configuration of the use of proxy, the most recommended is that you disable the use of the proxy to ensure that it is not a problem caused by it. If you decide to try this option, you just have to enter the Network and Internet section in the Control Panel, look for Internet Options, open the Connections tab and click on LAN Settings and in that place look for the Proxy Server and disable it.

Chrome has an option to search if there is any malicious software that is causing a problem in the browser or on the computer and that is why we get the notification of ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED, this option without the cleaning tools, you can find them in the Chrome settings at advanced options, there you just have to look for Clean Computer and use it.


Although Mac and Windows are different operating systems, the steps are basic. Let’s see some: On the Mac you are going to open the Network preferences panel, now make sure that the status of the network connection services, whether Ethernet or Wifi, are working well. If it is green you are fine, if it is yellow it is only active, but no connection and if it is red the service is not configured. With this we will be able to exclude possible causes .

If there is any fault, you will have to compare the panel’s network settings with the settings recommended by the internet provider. Make sure you have done everything correctly.

If you use the phone as a modem, call your provider’s modem number to see if it has a tone, or if there is any interference with the connection. If you do all of this and continue to file the fault, you should contact your ISP and explain your situation. If you are using PPPoE to connect to the internet, you must take care not to enter anything in the ” Service Name ” field

How can we prevent this error from appearing on our PC?

There are many errors that can occur when browsing the internet, if you are visiting a website and it does not open, or the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED notice or any other error notice appears, try to follow these steps and thus avoid this error appearing in the PC: When entering the name of a page, make sure you write everything correctly , that there are no errors in the address.

Check your internet connection, making sure that it works well, that it is stable, in case you have a signal that comes and goes, find out how you can improve internet instability problems .

If you have been experiencing this type of problem for a long time, it is best to contact your internet provider.

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