How to fix crashes of Warface

After the announcement of the game, all Crysis fans were expecting a new creation from Crytek. And now the creation met expectations, as always, beautiful and rich graphics, realistic special effects, realistic shadows, observance of physics and convenient gameplay made the toy relevant. But the unpredictable happened, like any other, the video game received its main flaw in the form of a constant error error and sending a report.

Actual and common topic on forums about Warface. Players are furiously indignant and looking for solutions, as a window constantly appears after a battle or during gameplay with an error message that Warface has stopped working. The main question: how to solve this problem, eliminate the messages that appear. You must admit that you want to enjoy the gameplay , to be fully involved in it, and not to constantly launch or restart the program.

Why the game can crash

The main reasons for the appearance of such an error are unknown to either the developers or the players. Even the official site of the game admits that there is such a nuisance, perhaps it arose during the creation process, but where exactly is not known. The developers day and night are working on the issue of its solution and elimination, but so far to no avail.

It may be impossible to completely eliminate the error report that Warface gives, but it can be minimized. Some players claim that the message never appeared again.

List of common mistakes in Warface

Let’s analyze the list of the most common errors and ways to fix them, if Warface issued a report about sending an error and others.

  1. A message may appear in the game center that “Automation service is unavailable.” This is a fairly frequent notification, it occurs due to the connection to the server with a long response time. To eliminate it, you need to wait a little and then try to connect again.

Authorisation Error

  1. If the program does not start at all and does not perform any action, then it is necessary to follow the standard procedure in this case. First, update Direx; the path where the program is installed must not contain Russian letters; check the compatibility of the game with the operating system, run the game on behalf of the Administrator.
  2. One of the most common mistakes is blocking the game with antiviruses. The warface is very sensitive to Avast, Comodo. Sometimes it will be enough to turn off the antivirus during the game, although sometimes you have to completely remove it and change it to another.
  3. Do not forget that if you play on outdated hardware or software, the gameplay will run at maximum settings and without crashes. In this case, it is only necessary to improve the existing equipment or replace it with a new one.
  4. Often there is a message about not supporting the video card. Here you need to investigate the “hardware” of the computer or install new drivers for the video card . Also check the minimum requirements for playing your computer.
  5. Aborted gameplay can crash not only due to bug reports in wf, but also due to screen capture recorders.

Remember that any software requires care. Don’t download mods and check your computer for malware that can block games.

Remember also that there are no errors that occur without a reason. If wf stopped working with a bug report, there are reasons for that, and we hope that by following our tips and tricks, we will be able to eliminate them in order to fully enjoy the gameplay. After all, the gameplay is interesting and exciting.

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