How to fix connection problems in WhatsApp when I can’t connect?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application and many users are delighted by all the functions it offers; However, sometimes you may not receive messages or notifications, perhaps because you have connection problems. This post will teach you how to solve connection problems in WhatsApp when you cannot connect?

How to solve connection problems in WhatsApp?

With the following steps we want to highlight the following: how to solve Wi-Fi connection problems on your Android cell phone. Since this is mostly the most common problem, when you can’t use your WhatsApp app.

  1. Check that your mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi or that it has mobile data active. Even make sure your data plan hasn’t run out.
  2. Check that the Wi-Fi signal or data plan is stable ; You do this by opening your browser and looking for a website, if it opens correctly the problem is not the Wi-Fi signal but another.
  3. Turn mobile data or Wi-Fi off and back on on your mobile device.
  4. Turn the router off and on again.
  5. Check if the option to use Wi-Fi in sleep is active.
  6. Restart your electronic device (tablet or mobile); This is very useful because sometimes the system does not have good communication with the receiver.
  7. Make sure your app has the latest version of WhatsApp; This is essential to have the latest features and thus avoid problems caused by old versions.
  8. Turn airplane mode on and off.
  9. Update the mobile operating system (Android or iOS) with the latest version.
  10. If you connect to a managed Wi-Fi network; This could be configured to limit certain connections or web pages.
  11. Check the cables for your Wi-Fi connection.
  12. Clear your device’s cache. You can do this by opening the “Settings”> “Applications”> WhatsApp> Clear cache on your mobile device .
  13. Make sure the APN configuration is correct because otherwise you will suffer serious connectivity problems; To do this, check your terminal in “Settings”> Wireless and networks> Mobile networks> APN or contact the network administrator.
  14. Sometimes the WhatsApp servers can fail , so wait a few minutes for the personnel in charge to solve the problem.
  15. Another aspect that you should take into account is to update to the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone device

How to solve connection problems that occur on WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web is the desktop version of the instant messaging application; In this version for computers, you can enjoy most of the functions that we enjoy when we use the app on our mobile. But in this version connection problems can also occur.

  • Check that the internet connection is stable, if it is intermittent the connection will fail.
  • If you have problems receiving WhatsApp messages on your mobile device, you will not be able to use WhatsApp Web until you solve that problem.
  • If you use WhatsApp Web with the mobile device on; then, verify that your mobile device is active , connected to the same Wi-Fi network and is close to the PC, this is essential for the synchronization between both computers to be carried out correctly.
  • Verify that your mobile coverage is adequate and do not keep the device too far from the PC.
  • Update or refresh the page.
  • Close and reopen the session; For this you must have the mobile device near the PC to be able to scan the QR code.
  • Verify that your preferred browser has the latest update . (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Safari).
  • If you want to use WhatsApp in the Internet Explorer browser it will not be possible because they are not compatible.
  • Check the cables connecting the modem to the PC.
  • The mobile cannot have airplane mode active ; if it is active deactivate it immediately.
  • If you are using WhatsApp Web from a PC other than the one you usually use, this function may be restricted in that browser.
  • Close and reopen the app on your mobile device.
  • Sometimes it’s useful to switch browsers .
  • WhatsApp servers may fail in this case you can not do anything, you just have to wait until the staff of this platform correct the error.

WhatsApp is the best application that exists to communicate with each other, but like any system, this one can present connection problems; Take into account the suggestions above and find out what is causing this error in your application. But if you plan to reinstall the WhatsApp application, we suggest you verify well that it is causing the connectivity problem.


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