How to fix Can’t establish a reliable connection to the Android server

Since Android is an operating system that allows constant user customization , the message “Cannot establish a reliable connection to the server” is more common than it seems.

This problem refers to the fact that the Internet network, be it wireless or by telephone signal, is not able to connect with Google services.

As a consequence, no person who has this error on their Android device will be able to use it, including the applications related to them.

This can be a major concern for many users of this amazing OS. The truth is that there is no reason, since the reasons why this happens are very simple and have easy solutions .

Therefore, you have reached the right place to regain the usability of your mobile. Through the following solutions you will learn to repair this error.

Possible causes and solutions to the error “Cannot establish a reliable connection to the server”

Despite being a problem that directly affects the functionality of the device, this does not require modifications, changes or formatting your Android . In other words, it is not necessary to perform a previous “root” procedure to find the solution to this type of problem.

The truth is that the message “Cannot establish a reliable connection with the server” appears when the user in question performs a modification, installation or use of a particular procedure within the mobile device.

One of the main reasons why it appears is after the installation of a program. You may be missing a plugin within the system .

Since it is relatively difficult to discover what aspect is missing from your mobile, the best recommendation is to download the latest version of ” Google Play Services  in the form of APK.

After you install, this program will detect and acquire the add-on that the system needs to work optimally.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that the application from which the error “Cannot establish a reliable connection with the server” has an old degree of technological security.

When programs are used that do not acquire constant updates from their creators, they maintain the security parameters established at their launch.

That is why sometimes they do not need or conform to the standard degree of security that is constantly presented to Android.

Therefore, to solve this aspect, you can access from a computer the following link to enable access to less secure applications .

To achieve this, it will only be necessary to enter the Google account and slide the bar to activate it, and then try to access the app from your mobile device again.

Another way to fix “Cannot establish a reliable connection to the server”

Another cause is network connection problems. So you only need to modify it to be able to enjoy Google services again . This is accomplished by changing and configuring the DNS . This requires that the device be connected to a wireless network.

Once inside the “Settings”, enter the Wi-Fi network to which the mobile is connected and click on the ” Advanced options ” to apply the changes indicated below:

  • Given the order in which the options appear, in “Settings” the definition will be changed to “Static IP”.
  • Inside “IP Address” and “Gateway” will write “”.
  • The next section is “Network prefix length”, within which you must write the number 24.
  • Finally, in DNS 1 you must write “” and in DNS 2 “”, and then click on “Save”.

These modifications are very easy to make. You just have to change each of the parameters correctly to recover the connection to Google services.

Once the modifications proposed within this article have been completed, you will be able to enjoy the programs related to this incredible company again.


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