How to Fix Blurry Games and Apps in Windows 10

When downloading games and other applications, we are certainly interested in ensuring that they have excellent quality . Therefore, one of those annoying problems is that our apps and games look blurry. That’s why today we teach you how to fix blurry games and apps in Windows 10.

Problems playing games in Windows 10

This can certainly be a very annoying glitch for anyone. Not only can it completely ruin your experience when using the apps and games in question, but it can be a problem when you want to record your monitor screen in HD .

And as Windows 10 is one of the operating systems most used by people, it is normal that we are interested in knowing how to solve such annoying problems as the blurred screen. That is why here we give you a simple guide on how to do it quickly.

Why are some games and apps blurry on Windows 10?

Although many do not know the reason for a problem like this, in reality it is very common for it to appear on devices that use Windows 10 or on those that are connected to others that do use it. In fact, there are several details that we often overlook, which may well be the cause of this problem.

To give you a better understanding of how your computer works, below we will show you why some apps and games look blurry in Windows 10. Some of these reasons are:

  • This problem may occur when working with multiple monitors at the same time in Windows 10 .
  • By connecting a device with a different resolution to your computer, and then projecting only the second screen.
  • It can happen if you open a high-resolution app or game on your computer, and then move the app to a device with lower quality and resolution.
  • If you are remotely connected to another lower resolution PC , and you open the app or game on the PC in question.

How to make apps and games not blurry in Windows 10?

If you have this problem on your Windows 10 computer, don’t worry, all this has a solution. Here we show you how you can solve this problem quickly and easily. To make your computer solve this problem automatically, the steps you have to follow are:

  • If you get a notification asking “Fix apps that are blurry?” , click on «Yes».
  • Then go to settings and select “Apply”.
  • If this notification does not appear, write the option “Advanced scaling settings” in the task search box .
  • Once there, press “Fix apps that are blurry.”
  • Then turn on the “Let Windows try to fix apps so they don’t look blurry” feature.

Ready! Now when you want to open an app that might look blurry, Windows will fix the problem automatically. Of course, something you should keep in mind is that this will only work if you have version 1803 of Windows 10, or higher. Otherwise, all the above procedure will not be possible.

Likewise, if your computer is running Windows 10 version 1903 or higher, you won’t need to do all of the above to correct the fuzzy games and apps problem . As of this version, this function is predetermined, although you can disable it whenever you want.

But, if you have a problem or have any questions, we recommend that you go to the official Microsoft Support page where many other questions are resolved. In addition, there you can also request online help for your problem.

We hope this information is useful to you and you can solve the problem of blurred games and applications in Windows 10. With the help of these tips, we assure you that you will be able to enjoy your apps and games with the best quality.


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