How To Fix Black Screen On YouTube

The YouTube application or platform is one of the most used tools on the internet. YouTube is used almost every day to watch videos, tutorials, news, and even movies. However, there are some occasions when this platform begins to fail and you cannot see the videos well.

In this sense, there are certain times when the videos are not seen because the screen goes completely black . That is why we are going to delve into this topic and see how to fix the black screen on YouTube.

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  1. Why does my YouTube app look black when I access it?
  2. How can I identify the origin of this behavior on YouTube?
    1. If it’s your ad blocker
    2. The problem is the browser
    3. Your network or ISP causes the screen to go black
  3. How can I fix the black screen issue on YouTube?

Why does my YouTube app look black when I access it?

There are several situations that can cause YouTube to have a black screen and no video to be seen. For example, bugs in connectivity or in the browser can cause this failure . Similarly, problems with the physical or hardware of your device also causes this black screen.

You may have the dark theme active in the application and this creates confusion although this is generally not the case. Speaking of the application, it may be in an outdated version and that is why it throws the problem. Another possible source of the black screen is an old browser or that the video is deleted or not available in the area where you live.

If the computer screen is damaged, it will not show the video either, although you would notice it before entering YouTube. Some extensions that have been placed in the browser may crash with the video playback.

Similarly, the video may have stuck due to a computer failure or from increasing or changing the video playback speed.

And last but not least, the slow connection or failure on the internet are generators of this screenshot . So the connection should be checked to see if this problem is causing the screen to go black.

How can I identify the origin of this behavior on YouTube?

When this problem occurs we quickly realize why the whole screen goes black. The hard task is to identify why this situation has happened so there are several things to check to fix YouTube black screen. And so you can continue watching videos and all the content available on this platform.

If it’s your ad blocker

Ad blockers are very useful tools to avoid annoying YouTube propaganda. Well, this tool is full of advertising that one can skip using these extensions.

However, these also cause the video to not load completely well. Generating in turn that the screen goes completely black occasionally. To find out if the blocker is the one causing this failure, the simplest thing to do is to disable it.

Only for a moment while we try to reproduce the video and in case of verifying that this is the problem it must be eliminated . Because if it is not done, the black screen will continue to occur and you will not be able to enjoy YouTube.

The problem is the browser

The browser can be another factor in the black screen when you play a video. As mentioned above, it may be out of date and can no longer do all tasks normally. So you can tell when he starts to fail in his tasks.

To fix this, you must search the device for which you want to update the new version of the browser application. Then it should be installed and the situation will have improved.

On the other hand, another problem that generates the black screen on YouTube is that there is a lot of information stored in the browser and it becomes slow. As an example, you may have created many shortcuts to playlists that are taking up space. In these cases, the browser’s cache and cookies must be cleared to improve its operation.

Your network or ISP causes the screen to go black

The network and its various connection problems make the browser unable to fully load a video. Therefore, this video will not see anything but will show the black screen. This when the connection is very slow or when there is a lack of it.

How can I fix the black screen issue on YouTube?

In this section, there are many solutions that you can try to do to fix the black screen on YouTube. One of the first is to refresh the page where the video is loading or to refresh the application. Changing the browser if necessary can be tried in case you are not using a compatible browser. Also, you can quickly do a reboot of the device where you want to view the content to see if it improves the loading of the video.

Another option is to log out of your YouTube account and then log back in to troubleshoot your account. To do this you have to go to the icon that shows the account and then when the options are displayed, click on log out.

In the same vein, checking the internet connection, clearing cookies and cache or updating the browser are also solutions. Checking the player of the Adobe Flash Player program to see that it is not inactive is a step to follow. Since this can cause the videos not to be seen.

On the other hand, hardware acceleration must be disabled, since although it helps to load some things better. Many times this property causes the black screen to appear on all YouTube videos and they do not play correctly. So we must go to configure this section, when we find where the configurations come out, we look for the advanced part.

Subsequently, you have to go down until you reach the system where the use of the hardware accelerator must be denied . After that, the Google browser will do a small restart to activate the new settings. In case you can no longer find what else to do because nothing can remove the black screen, there is the download of videos.

In this sense, there are some applications that have as their property the free download of videos from the internet. So you can use any of them to be able to incorporate the videos to the memory of the device that you use frequently and to be able to view the content through the player of this device. Although you should not worry because it is generally possible to solve the YouTube black screen by doing any of the previous procedures that have been explained.


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