How To Fix Black Screen Error In Call of Duty Mobile

The American video game company Activision got off to a good start in the world of rpg games for Android and iOS with Call of Duty Mobile, which did not take long to become one of the most popular games on the market due to its great content, graphics and ease of play, offering the audience a frenetic multiplayer experience that can be downloaded for free .

How To Fix Black Screen Error In Call of Duty Mobile – Definitive Solution

Immersing you in an action-packed experience, the Smartphone version of Call of Duty represents one of the most ambitious works in this medium. Despite having the same traditional game mode elements, this has been totally different from its previous versions of consoles due in large part to the control system in which we play that adapts to your style of play.

Mixing all kinds of genres without losing structure to position itself from its premiere as one of the best war games for Android and iOs by taking into account both novice and expert players, condensing the basic elements that popularized the franchise in a simplified way to offer increased performance in the palm of your hand with quick games.

However, due to being such an ambitious game for a mobile device, it can present problems at certain times that come from the fact that we are facing the first installment of the Smartphone franchise, causing sound, connection and black screen problems . Don’t worry, with this article we will show you how to solve this problem quickly.


  • Fix black screen error
  • Lack of storage space

Fix black screen error

This being one of the problems most reported by users since the premiere of the game that does not allow the start of the game or freezes in the middle of the game. There is no exact solution for this problem because it occurs for different reasons, therefore, to begin to solve this error in the game we must first identify the reason why it is occurring .

In many cases the main root of this problem comes from the fact that your mobile device does not meet the minimum requirements to run the game , which is absolutely necessary to check before installing the game on your Smartphone.

If you do not know the specifications of your phone and do not know how to check them, you can check with the CPU-Z application that will tell you if you meet the minimum requirements requested by the developer. It is also advisable to have your phone’s operating system updated to the latest version allowed to increase compatibility with more applications and games.

Another of the main reasons why the game stays on a black screen is due to the existence of an error in the application due to a corrupt file. This can be solved easily by deleting the game data, accessing Settings> Applications> Call of Duty to find the Game Storage option that will allow you to clear data and clear cache, ruling out bad file problems.

Lack of storage space

One of the reasons that we do not take into account and in many cases is the reason why our game is not running on the device is because you do not have enough space in the storage. It is recommended to leave at least 2 GB of free space so that the game and its data can be updated without any problem.

The solution to this problem is very basic, you should only delete files or applications that are no longer used on your mobile device , either manually or through a system cleaning application such as CCleaner, which allows you to perform this process automatically and in a short time, closing applications open in the background, cache memory and deleting unnecessary files on the computer.

In the latter case, none of these methods have worked for you, there are countless Android games that take up less space and require less processing power. As a last resort, you can try uninstalling the game , restarting the phone and then reinstalling it, making sure that the WiFi network is stable so that no errors occur during the download that cause problems in the operation of the game.


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