How to fix binkw32.dll file missing error in Windows 10

It may not be as common as it was a few years ago, but it is still possible to run into the binkw32.dll file missing error when running some games.

Now, if you are presented with this failure, as in many other cases related to DLL files , there are several solutions you can take . For all of them, you just have to carefully follow the steps indicated and read carefully.

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  1. Fix binkw32.dll file missing error by reinstalling
  2. Fix binkw32.dll file missing error manually
  3. Fix binkw32.dll file missing error with developer help

Fix binkw32.dll file missing error by reinstalling

As in many other cases, make sure the problem persists even after closing and reopening the game. In many cases it can be a temporary malfunction.

The binkw32.dll file is a codec used for audio and video playback in short cutscenes, so it is very common to find it in games. However, new forms of coding have displaced this configuration so it is more common to find it in “old” games . For example, Windows 10 being newer may encounter some problems to use it.

Based on this, most incorporate this file within themselves and if the error occurs, the file binkw32.dll is missing, it may be due to an incorrect installation. With that being the case , it is best to reinstall the game and make sure that no unforeseen events occur during the installation.

It is also a good idea to perform a complete uninstall of the program first, and it may even be useful to directly delete the .dll file if a malfunction is suspected.

Fix binkw32.dll file missing error manually

On the other hand, most games include an additional folder that includes several of the files that may be necessary for their execution. This is located on the source disk and is usually identified as “System Files,” “Commons,” or “VCredist . 

In any case, what you should do is locate said folder and run it according to its content. It probably includes the binkw32.dll file itself, so all you have to do is copy and paste it into the game’s destination folder . If you are interested and have the necessary tools, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about these files.

In case you do not know the exact location where the game has been installed, what you should do is right click on its icon and select “Open file location” . If it is a direct access, it will send you to a window where you must repeat this same process. Thus, you will access the folder where the game has been installed and you only have to copy the file there.

Similarly, if other games have also had the same problem, you can try copying the binkw32.dll file directly to the Windows system. In this sense, just copy it to the address C: \ Windows \ System.

Fix binkw32.dll file missing error with developer help

Finally, as with many other similar files, a very useful option is to go to the original creators. In this sense, you can go to the Rad Game Tools page itself and download the package you need.

In this way you will get a software that you must run for its installation . This includes the binkw32.dll file but also contains other elements that can be very interesting for those who are attracted to the world of software development.

With this, you will have covered each of the easiest solutions to respond to the lack of this DLL file. Do not forget to take the necessary protection measures whenever you download items from the internet and try to do so in environments that you trust.



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