How to fix any League of Legends bugs?

To repair League of Legends it is not necessary to have an illustrious diploma in computer science, today, most of the solutions related to video games can be achieved using a series of general or specific methods.

In the case of LoL there are ways that you can apply to make it work again. From the most simple and global, to the specific ones, which require the support of tools developed by Riot Games.

How to Fix Any League of Legends Error – LoL Not Working Solution

Repair League of Legends by applying common system related solutions

Sometimes, you may find that the reason a game doesn’t work, specifically LoL, is because of an inconsistency in the system where you have installed it. It is usually Windows.

This particular software relies on many drivers and programs that allow better support for games , such as external libraries (DX, XNA), even the drivers for the installed GPUs.

Update the video driver

One of the reasons why the game may present errors is caused by an obsolescence in the video driver of your card, so, in order to repair League of Legends, you must update the driver.

This is achieved from the card’s developer page , for example, if your GPU was built by Nvidia, or if it is any Geforce, you can enter the graphics drivers site that it has through its official page .

You just have to fill in all the fields with the pertinent information, and the platform will take care of locating the most current version of your GPU . It should be noted that this is the only recommended way to download the software for your Nvidia card.

Update your operating system and keep the drivers up to date

Maybe to repair League of Legends, what you have to do is update all the drivers on your computer. If you have Windows 10, the Update utility on this system can offer you a quick solution.

You manage to activate the update process from the system settings, which you can find by pressing the Start menu . Next, on the gear-shaped button on the right side.

Then, in the pop-up window, choose Update and Security, then Windows Update . Finally, under Check for Updates, so that you can browse and install the latest versions.

This solution can be of great help when League of Legends presents you with the message of not being able to play because the game is under maintenance.

Game-specific solutions

Now, if the solution is not to make improvements to the system. So, the root of the problem can be found in the LoL itself, that is, in the files in the installation folder.

Luckily, all is not lost, and it is still possible to repair League of Legends by applying some techniques that the same developer company has pulled out of its sleeve, and has recommended to users who suffer from these eventualities .

Install the game again

It may seem like a simple and a bit absurd arrangement. But, if the problem lies in the corruption of the files, either due to update failures or any other related to them. This is an ideal way to correct it.

To do this, you just have to go to the League of Legends page, log in and then follow the steps indicated to download the client . When you start it (as administrator) it will be in charge of renewing all the game files successfully, correcting any problem that exists.

Use the Riot Games repair tool

But there is another very effective way to repair the game without having to download and reinstall the program again. This is a tool, and it comes by the name ‘ Hextech’, a repair software from Riot Games.

This can be found on the developer’s official page, specifically in the support section , and is available for Windows or Mac that, when run, identifies existing errors and attempts to repair them.

There will be times when you will come across more complex errors that cannot be solved with the tools we gave you before. Problems like the master error require more complex solutions or when you try to update the game and it gives you an update error or simply does not allow you to update it.


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