How to fix a missed call notification on Android

Managing phone notifications has never been easier on older Android smartphones like Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop. However, things are changing now and Android brings a notification badge. Notification badge on Android is very important and can help us save a lot of time.

With the notification badge, we can check your app notifications without opening anything. Similarly, the notification badge is equally useful for system apps like phone and messages. Although it has full notification management utility, sometimes our smartphones cannot inform us about missed calls.

Recently, many Android users have reported that missed call notifications are not appearing on Android smartphones, so if you have similar issues, in this article, we share some of the best ways to fix them.


Missed call notifications do not display error messages, often due to platform errors. Let’s see how to fix missed call notifications not showing up on Android smartphones.

If you have recently noticed that the missed call notifications are not appearing on your Android smartphone, you need to restart your device. As we all know, short reboots sometimes fix the toughest device errors. So make sure to restart your Android device before applying the following method.

If the reboot can’t fix the Missed Call notification not showing up in the Android error message, you need to clear the phone and app cache. Follow the simple steps given below to clear the data and cache of the phone app.

Step 1. Before all Settings> Applications ,

Step 2. From the list of installed applications, ‘Phone’ or ‘Phone management’ or something similar.

Step 3. Select the storage option in the next step

Tap “Storage”

  1. StepNow touch ‘Clear cache’Press the button.

Tap the ‘Clear cache’ button

That is all; you’re done! Now restart your Android device to solve the missed call problems.

3. Enable notifications for phone apps

If you play around with the notification settings on your Android smartphone, you will most likely turn off notifications for the Phone app. So, follow a few simple steps given below to turn on Notifications for phone apps.

Step 1. First of all Settings> Applications

Step 2. In Applications, type ‘Phone’

Step 3. On the next page, tap. e ‘Notifications’ Press the button.

Tap the ‘Notifications’ button

  1. StepNow activate the Show notifications option.

Enable the ‘Show notification’ button

That is all! This is how you can fix missed call notifications that are not a problem on your Android smartphone.

4. Change default phone app

If you don’t get the Missed Call Notification alert after installing a third-party dialer app, you need to remove it. If you don’t want to uninstall third-party dialer apps, make this your default phone app. Sometimes applications like Truecaller are the main reason behind the problem. When Truecaller is set as the default phone app, notifications don’t appear in the original phone app. So be sure to make the phone app the default for troubleshooting.

5. Reset application options

This is the latest method to fix missed call notifications not showing up on Android. In this method, you will need to reset the application options to resolve the notification issue. However, resetting the application preferences removes the default action. To reset your application preferences, please follow the simple steps below.

Step 1. Open Settings in Android and ‘Applications’

Type ‘application’

Step 2. Click on the three dots on the applications page and ‘Reset application options’

Select ‘Reset application options’

Step 3. When done, restart your device.

That is all! You have completed the process. In this way, you can reset the application options on Android smartphones,

How do I troubleshoot other notifications?

The methods listed in the article can be used to fix almost all reporting problems.

How can I ensure that the call log is not updated and missed calls are corrected?

To solve this problem, you need to clear the cache of the ‘Bookmark’ app on your Android smartphone.

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