How to fish in Genshin Impact

Here we show you all the details about the Genshin Impact fishing system. Find out how to unlock it, what types of rods and baits exist, what are the fishing spots and much more.

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  1. How to unlock the fishing system? Requirements
  2. How to fish? Step by step tutorial
  3. Types of baits and how to create them
  4. All types of fish and where to find them
  5. Rewards for catching fish and Fishermen’s Guilds

Since the 2.1 update of Genshin Impact , the game has introduced a new fishing system with which players can visit different areas of water around the world to launch our canes , prepare our bait and bring the fish to bite. If you would like to know the details about fishing in the game, from how to unlock it to become an expert fisherman, in this entry of our complete guide we teach you everything you need to know .

How to unlock the fishing system? Requirements


First of all, before we get down to business with fishing in Genshin Impact, you should know that this system is not accessible from the beginning for all players. Some prerequisites must be met to be able to fish in the game, which are the following:

  • You must have activated the Relaxer system. To complete this first step you will need:
    • Have already reached Adventure Rank 35 or higher.
    • Finished Archon Quest – Chapter 1: Act III: A New Rising Star.
    • Complete the Teapot, Sweet Teapot mission.
  • You must have completed the Water Boom WorldQuest (The Adventurer Guild’s Katheryne Delivery in Mondstadt).

After meeting these two requirements, you can start fishing in your Genshin Impact game whenever you want.

How to fish? Step by step tutorial

Once we have unlocked the fishing system in Genshin Impact, to proceed to fish , we will have to follow several steps. The first thing of all is to get bait , since without it there will be no fish that will approach us. Baits can be crafted by synthesizing alchemy with some resources. Next, equip yourself with a fishing pole (you get a basic one in the Water Boom mission).

With these two elements, we can only go to a fishing point in the world. These are aquatic areas where different species of fish live. You will recognize them easily because there are ripples on the surface of the water and fish can even be seen swimming in it. Remember that fishing spots are updated every 3 days and day or night can affect the presence of fish.

When you are already at a fishing point, equip the fishing rod and take these important steps into account :

  • Press and hold the “Cast rod” button:to aim where you want to cast the hook.
  • Release this button:to cast the baited hook in the chosen direction.
  • If the hook falls too far from the fish:they will not be attracted to the bait.
  • If the hook falls very close to the fish: youmay scare them and flee the area (try to cast it in the middle).
  • Wait patiently for a fish to take the hook –when it does, quickly press the “Pull Rod” button to start catching the line before the fish runs away.
  • When the fish is trapped: itwill begin to struggle and pull the line. Your goal is to press and release the “Fishing” button to keep the tension of the rod all the time within the yellow zone of the indicator that appears at the top of the screen (this is the ideal fishing zone).
  • Below the fishing indicator:you will have a circular ring that is gradually completed by staying within the ideal zone. If you can make this ring complete, you will have captured your fish.

This process requires some practice and experience . Do not despair if at first the fish escape you. You have to get the hang of it. Sometimes some fish bite the hook with greater intensity , so that the pressure and tension of the rod change quickly and change to orange or the bar shakes (in addition to that the ideal zone becomes smaller). You have to adjust the yellow zone right away and maintain good reflexes to catch the most elusive fish.

If your fishing progress gets too complicated and you spend a lot of time outside the ideal yellow zone , the tension on the rod may turn red and the fish may eventually escape the hook.

Types of baits and how to create them

In Genshin Impact there are a total of 4 different types of baits that can be used for fishing. Each bait is ideal for some species of fish, so you will need one or the other to attract different fish.

Here we show you the 4 baits, how to get their recipes , what are the fish that can be caught with them and the ingredients you need to create them in alchemy:

Fruity bait

  • What fish is itfor ?: for medakas.
  • Ingredients needed to create:Solsettia x1 + Wheat x1.
  • How to get the recipe:by unlocking the fishing system.

Blood bait

  • What fish is itfor ?: for thorny fish .
  • Ingredients needed to create:Dendobrio x1 + Poultry x1.
  • How to get the recipe:at the Mondstadt Fishermen’s Guild.

Fake worm bait

  • What fish is itfor ?: for butterfly fish.
  • Ingredients needed to create:Slime Condensate x1 + Berry x1.
  • How to get the recipe:at the Mondstadt Fishermen’s Guild.

Fake fly bait

  • What fish is itfor ?: for koi fish and puffer fish.
  • Ingredients needed to create:Cherry Petals x1 + Horsetail x1.
  • How to get the recipe:at the Mondstadt Fishermen’s Guild.

All types of fish and where to find them

As we have already been able to intuit when taking a look at the baits that exist, in Genshin Impact we have a total of 5 different species of fish present throughout the world of Teyvat. Within each species of fish there are variations of specimens , and some can be found in specific fishing spots on the map. You can check the fish you have already caught in the menu File – Living things . In addition, the specimens of greater vitality and value of each species are considered “ornamental fish”, which can be used as decoration in the inner world of the Relaxer.

Below we show you all the fish species of Genshin Impact and which are their specimens. To find out in which areas of the map they appear, you can use the interactive map website :

Medakas fish

There are 6 types of medaka fish available:


Shiny medaka

Sweet flower medaka

Blue medaka

Aurora catcher

Crystal fish

Spiny fish

There are 5 types of medaka fish available:

Spiny amphibian

Thorny fighter

Poisonous prickly

Akai maou

Snow groomer

Butterfly Fish

There are 5 types of medaka fish available:

Brown butterfly fish

Violet butterfly fish

Greenish butterflyfish

Angel fish

Raimei angelfish

Koi fish

2 types of medaka fish are available :

Golden koi

Copper koi

Puffer fish

2 types of medaka fish are available :


Bitter puffer fish

Rewards for catching fish and Fishermen’s Guilds

All the fish you can catch will serve multiple purposes. On the one hand, you can use them to cook different recipes and dishes, as culinary ingredients. But, apart from that, you can also use the ornamental fish to decorate the inner world of the Relaxer and, finally, exchange fish in the Fishermen’s Guilds to obtain the most interesting rewards in exchange.

Each region of Teyvat has its own Fishermen’s Guild . Do not hesitate to go to them and see what objects you can get in exchange for different fish. For example, in the guild of Inazuma you can get the spear “The Capture” and its refinement materials, a very powerful weapon.

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