How to find Tinder contacts on Facebook

The internet is probably the greatest revolution that has occurred since the Renaissance , thanks to this the relationships between human beings have changed forever, we notice this on social networks such as Facebook or Tinder where we can interact with a person at any time and anywhere of the world.

The social network Tinder is different in its operation , it is considered a dating site where everyone can find a partner and where it is easy to get along. Do you have trouble talking to girls? Don’t worry, on Tinder it is easy to start conversations with women and, of course, with men as well.

This is because the page previously shows you profiles of people whose gender you might prefer and who, in addition, have the same tastes and hobbies, when the tool enters the scene it shortens the search for profiles that are random.

Friendswipe is a tool designed to cross all your contacts and tell you if a friend on Facebook has Tinder and vice versa, on Facebook you are allowed to see the profile of whoever you want to find their name if that person has not activated all the privacy settings .

Downloading the Friendswipe tool will help you, since it is very useful and versatile, in other words, it also quickly finds out if some of your friends have Facebook and if so you will be able to see their profiles, this tool is definitely of great help in case you want to cross contacts with friends from another social network, the only disadvantage is that for now it is only available for iPhone.

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  1. Ways to know a person’s Facebook from Tinder
    1. With Match
    2. No Match
  2. How do you know if a Facebook friend has Tinder?

Ways to know a person’s Facebook from Tinder

To search for a person on Facebook, it is enough to have the name, surname and photo, a useful piece of information is to add the city, this is very useful, since many Facebook users do it, and if those users have Tinder, much better , because Tinder uses distance radios to perform searches.

There are Tinder users who add an additional social network to their information in their Tinder account so that they can be contacted, in this way, for example, if a Tinder user also has Facebook, you can easily find out if that Facebook user is your friend. .

Remember that some of your friends on Facebook may not want you to know that they have Tinder . So a simpler and more honest way, without having to be digging in profiles or using tools to cross contacts, is to ask our Facebook friend we are interested in, if he has another social network like Tinder.

Here are tips to know if a friend on Facebook uses Tinder, with Match and without Match as well:

With Match

The word “Match” means meeting or coincidence, this means that when 2 people press like at the same time, a window will open to start a conversation, but before liking a profile you must search for it by performing a search range by description .

To achieve a Match you must like a profile you are interested in and if that person you liked, likes your profile as well, then you will have achieved a match, of course this is a useful way to find someone on Tinder and who is among your Facebook friends.

No Match

To find a Facebook friend who has Tinder without making a Match, then it is best to use the tool that we named at the beginning of this article, we are talking about Friendwispe, with this tool it will be much easier for us to find out if some of our friends Facebook has a profile on Tinder.

How do you know if a Facebook friend has Tinder?

Sometimes what is known as a description tends to go unnoticed, for example some Tinder users add a description to their profile such as their first name, last name, age and location, this would be a stroke of luck for you if you are looking for a Facebook friend who has Tinder.

There are Facebook friends with Tinder that include where they study or work in their Tinder account, so it is very easy to compare that information with the one they give in their Facebook account, that way we can be aware if a friend of Facebook has Tinder.

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