How To Find the Thermal Power Plant in Subnautica

This is what you need to do to find the Deep Power Station in Subnautica. Survive the accident with our complete guide.Continuing with the story of Subnautica and after investigating the Center for Disease Research , we have to go even further down . Return to the surface and prepare to build the Cyclops and the PRAWN suit .

You have all the details about the locations of the shards and materials in our Vehicles and Upgrades entry . When you have them, bring the PRAWN closer to the bottom of the sub , so that the cargo bay opens, and raise your exoskeleton.

Apart from these two vehicles, you must create :

  • For the PRAWN Suit:PRAWN MK1 Suit Depth Module, PRAWN Suit Jet Upgrade, PRAWN Suit Hook Arm, PRAWN Suit Drill Arm, Storage Module (is in common modules) and Engine Efficiency Module (also in common).
  • For the Cyclops:Cyclops MK1 Depth Module that you need to modify in the MK2 (build a mod station in the submarine), Cyclops Engine Efficiency Module, Cyclops Fire System, Cyclops Shield Generator, Sonar Upgrade Cyclops. Leave a free space.
  • For your character:Reinforced wetsuit, Purple Tablet x2 (you should have Ion Cubes in stock, if you’ve followed our guide).

Make sure that, in addition, you have the following stored materials in the submarine, in the lockers :

  • Titanium x5.
  • Plasteel Ingot x1.
  • Lithium x2.
  • Nickel miner x3.
  • Polyaniline x2.
  • Wiring kit.

With them in your possession, you will save yourself a trip later , as you will be able to manufacture the depth modules 2 and 3 for the PRAWN and the Cyclops , as well as the thermal power station for the Cyclops . But for now, this is not the case. Finally, consider making 8 Spare Power Cells (6 for the Cyclops, 2 for the PRAWN), just in case.

Head to the Perdido River and proceed northeast from the Center for Disease Research, going down. Beware of the Phantom Leviathan that will be later . You have to put the ship in silent mode (you have the button on the right of the screen), turn off the lights and go slowly so that the Leviatan Phantom does not detect you.

When you go a little further, you will see a huge crater in the ground . Get your sub down there.

Once down, you will see that you are in an area with lava . Well, there is something we have to do before we move forward: collect Kyanite x18 . It is all the amount of this element that you need for all the improvements and objects required to finish the game. Get on the PRAWN and look for these blue minerals , which you must break with the drill.

Remember that the Kyanite will be stored in the PRAWN inventory . Go back to the Cyclops and use the console in the access area of ​​your PRAWN suit to access his warehouse.

Once you have gathered enough Kyanite, enter the Cyclops and, with the materials that we recommend you save , make the Cyclops Thermal Reactor Module (it will allow you to generate power for the Cyclops in high temperatures, like now) and upgrade the Depth Module of the PRAWN and the Cyclops (the PRAWN to MK2, the Cyclops to MK3), to be able to go down to 1,700 meters of depth.

With this done, advance through the lava bed using the Cyclops . You have sonar equipped, you can activate it on the right , which will facilitate navigation. Be very careful with the huge sea dragon that will be a little later . Put yourself in silent mode and move very carefully so that it does not detect you, or it will launch fireballs at the Cyclops .

Continue south , until you reach an area with another sea dragon, and avoid it again like the first. The Cyclops energy will be low , you can try to get closer to the lava to recharge some energy, or replace the energy cells. Keep in mind that we still have to retrace the path to return to the surface …

When you can, turn east-northeast . You are looking for this specific area :

Leave the Cyclops near the entrance (near the lava, so it will recover energy) and deploy the PRAWN to go through the cave). Once inside, turn to the right whenever you can, and go down when possible . You will end up arriving at another building with a cubic structure and clamps in the shape of metallic tentacles: it is the Thermal Plant .

You have the entrance on the south face of the building. Use the PRAWN’s hook arm and upgraded thrusters to enter. As soon as you cross the barrier you can leave the PRAWN, because there is oxygen . Be careful , a little later you will find a pyramid of ions that you can mine with the PRAWN’s drill arm , yes. Go to the left of the ion pyramid and you will see a force field . Deactivate it with the Purple Tablet.

Inside you will find the Blue Tablet . Then he begins to go down the ramp nearby . You will arrive at a data terminal, an ion cube and the second force field in which to place the second purple tablet that we told you to bring. Once inside, check out both the ground floor terminal and the top floor terminal to find out that our next destination will be the Main Containment Facility . Turn around the way you came and put the PRAWN back inside the Cyclops.

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