How To Find the Main Containment Facility in Subnautica

This is what you need to do to find the Main Containment Facility in Subnautica. Survive the accident with our complete guide.Exploring the Thermal Power Plant in Subnautica , we will get more information about alien facilities . Apparently our next destination should be the Main Containment Facility . From the position where we left the Cyclops, at the entrance of the caves that lead to the Thermal Power Plant, go north-northeast until you find a huge crater that goes even lower.

You have to prepare to move forward . You need to make a Blue Tablet, to have 2 in inventory . Keep in mind that we are going to leave the Cyclops permanently , so make sure you don’t leave anything you want to take with you in the lockers. Make sure the PRAWN has the jet, drill and hook upgrades (so you can go back) and drop to the bottom . You are looking for a cave in one of the walls , there is only one, so do not miss it.


When you continue out there, you will know that you are doing well because you will have a vision . When you get to the lava lake, notice that you see green lights in the background . Hurry across to avoid the sea dragon and you will reach the Containment Center building . Cross the barrier and use the blue tablet to eliminate the force field.

Go through the hall with the PRAWN and at the end, you will find some ion cubes that you can extract with the drill . In fact, you can extract them multiple times . Gather a few before using the second tablet on the energy field at the bottom .

When you get to the pool, jump in and see how it happens … “something” . After this brief encounter, you must dive until you see some eggs at the bottom of the pit . Our goal now will be to make the eggs hatch .

You will see that in front of the eggs there is a pedestal where to place an Ion Cube . Exit the PRAWN and extract one of the ones you have mined (you can remove them by interacting with the plate on its “back”).

When using the cube, a console will be activated where they tell you to put the “Hatching Enzymes” . Turn around and go up the stairs, you will see that the Marine Emperor is next to the steps . Going up, it will clear the sand and you can activate a portal using an Ion Cube . This will activate a teleportation portal. It will drop you off near the Execution Platform, be sure to leave a beacon next to the portal so you can return soon.

We have to make the Hatching Enzymes (they have given you the recipe automatically). Requires the following materials:

Eye stem seed . It is achieved by cutting Eye Stems (you have their appearance under these lines). You can find them in the caves of the Mountains, in the area of ​​the Execution Platform .

Sea crown seed . It is achieved by cutting Sea Crowns (you have their appearance below these lines). You can find these algae in one of the caves of the Aquarium itself.

Mushroom sign . As with the previous ones, you have to cut something. In this case, we are looking for the Mushroom Trees of the Mushroom Forest (it is northwest-west of the salvage pod, shortly before reaching the dune biome).

Ghost weed seed . Cutting the ghost grasses, also in the Mountains biome .

Bulb shrub sample . When cutting a Bulb Shrub , which grows in the bulb zone to the northeast of the salvage pod, between the Mountains biome and the Crash Zone. Just go to the Morro de la Aurora and go straight and to the right to reach that area.

Now that you have everything, craft the Hatching Enzymes, go back through the portal and use them to hatch the eggs . When they leave, it will take about a minute and they will swim towards the portal, leaving behind some beige spheres . Touch any one of them to cure yourself of the Kharaa Bacteria at last .

We have abandoned the Cyclops . You can go back to it if you go back all the way and then go up to the surface, or use the teleportation bow to go directly to the Execution Platform , which will ultimately be our first destination to escape the planet .

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