How To Find the Jelly Caves in Subnautica

This is what you must do to find the Jelly Caves in Subnautica, where the last Degasi crew base is. Survive the accident with our complete guide..Subnautica has led us to Capsule 19 and to the mainland , tracking the crew of a crashed ship long before our own. It seems that they managed to put a shelter under the water, and now we are going there . The problem is that we have to make several objects to be able to do it. This means that you have to search and scan objects in ship debris and shipwrecks until you get:

  • Recycler (you will last longer under water when being at great depth).
  • Seamoth MK1 depth module or higher (so the Seamoth can go deeper). You will have to build the lunar pool in order to park the Seamoth and install the upgrades.

Now go southeast of the capsule, about 470 meters, you will be behind the Aurora engines . Go down and look for this hole, it’s unmistakable, look for the purple mushroom … and radiation damage .


You have to go down quickly with the Seamoth to minimize radiation damage . Dive to the bottom, where you will find an underwater base .

In the image above these lines you see the entrance . Be careful with the jellyfish , if you touch them, you will suffer damage. If you’ve made the equipment we listed , you should have enough oxygen to explore the base. Enter, turn left, you will come to a corridor, turn right, go straight, go up the stairs, turn around and you will find the Abandoned PDA # 2 Bart Torgal’s Entrance – Teeth of Lurking . In this area you have more PDAs that you can collect, but the only one really necessary for this part.

Go back to the Seamoth and go up. Watch out for the radiation zone , because you will suffer damage. You may need to heal once you are safe. Return to your base to repair the Seamoth, heal yourself, replenish supplies, and receive the next location . It is time to search for the base of the Great Deep Reef .

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