How to find the installed and activated key in Acrobat

When a program or application is updated , new functions and patches are installed that will allow it to function better. Improving its performance and avoiding errors that it could have in its previous version. But to be able to opt for this update you must have certain information at hand. It is for this reason that in the following article we will show you how to find the installation and activation key in Acrobat.

When you install any software, they need you to enter an installed key as well as the Activated key. But we think that later this data will not be useful to us, but we are very wrong about it. So we will show you what you should do so that you can find the installed and activated key in Acrobat.

Many times as a user we pass certain important data, as if they were not and then we have no idea how to find them or at least where we should look.

And in this way the relevance of these articles grows, they guide you by the hand and teach you to use this wonderful tool that will allow you, for example, to convert a PDF document to XML .

Finding the installation and activated key in Acrobat

In order to carry out this search and not complicate our lives too much, we can use two ways, the first is by directly entering the Adobe Acrobat application.

The second way we can use is to search the Adobe Store account where we are as a registered member. Having clarified this, let’s start with the steps to follow in order to find the installed and activated keys.

As we already mentioned, we are going to search the application at first and for this we are going to open it, once it is open, we go to the About Adobe Acrobat option (version and edition).

This is in the main menu, under the Help option. A dialog box will appear and in it you must look for the name of the copy owner.

When you find the owner, either a person or company under it, you will find a series of numbers, these will be the keys you were looking for. Now you must write them down or copy them and save them in a notes blog . This so that you have them on hand when you need it, name the file, to locate it faster.

How to find the installation and activation key in Acrobat in your Adobe account

In the event that you have not been able to get the information you were looking for, you can use another way as we have already mentioned. This is, entering the Adobe Store and for this we are going to do the following, run the Adobe program, then click on the Register option. This option is located at the bottom of the main menu, under Help.

This action will generate a question form which you must fill in with your personal data, it is important that the email you include is the one you are currently using.

When you are done, you must click the Register button The next step is to go to your email account so you can read the message that was sent to you by Adobe.

The details are specified so that you can create an account with Adobe and you will be given a link in which you must access and it will take you to the Adobe Store.

Here you will log in and once you are inside, you will select by clicking on the View product registration link. You will immediately be directed to a website where you will find a summary of the brand’s products.

The last step you must do is if you are connected to a printer, print this page or if you do not have it. Simply write down and save the number of the product’s installed and activated key. In this way, we conclude this tutorial that shows you how to find the installation and activation key in Acrobat.  but you may also be interested in the article that will help you avoid automatic application updates .

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