How to find someone on Discord

How to find someone on Discord

Immediately after the release of Discord, the method of fouling by interlocutors was very archaic and time consuming: you had to send the address of your server to the future chat participant, and only after that the exchange of messages became possible. A year after the release of the messenger, in the spring of 2016, its functionality was supplemented with the option “Discord Friends List”. From now on, it has become possible to add new friends through this list without resorting to using the server address mailing list.

True, from this for beginners, the question of how to find a friend / user by nick in Discord has not become less relevant. But at least now there is an organized directory that allows you to communicate with game partners simply and quickly. And, of course, you can create your own “black list” by blocking users you dislike.

ATTENTION. Today the list of friends is limited: it cannot contain more than 1000 contacts.

How to add a friend to Discord

While Discord is marketed as a multi-platform app, features like friend list sync are missing. This means that your contacts may differ from device to device. Moreover, the methods of supplementing these lists for different operating systems also have certain differences. Therefore, we will provide detailed instructions for each platform.

An example of a correct DiscordTag

But there is also something in common that you need to add members to Discord. To do this, you need to know the full name of the future contact, as well as his tag. In this case, the name can contain numbers, lowercase and uppercase Latin characters, that is, it is case sensitive, and this must be taken into account. A Discord tag is a four-digit combination. Thus, to search for friends, you must enter a name and tag, separated by the “#” symbol. An example of a valid DiscordTag: ValVerde1 # 3702. Knowledge of the syntax is necessary to add friends in this messenger.

How to add a friend to Discord on PC

So, we describe the sequence of actions for adding a friend on a computer / laptop:

  • we launch the Discord program or go to the site in the browser to the online chat client page;
  • we enter the system by entering our identification data;
  • click on the “Home” button on the top left of the main screen, this is an icon in the form of the Discord logo;
  • on the left side of the application screen, near the list of servers, there is a panel with four buttons. Click on the last of them – “Friends”;
  • now in the next window in the top menu, select the option “Add to friends”;
  • The next screen will prompt you to enter a DiscordTag, consisting of the user’s name and hashtag, into the text panel. After entering, press the big button to the right of the console “Send friendship request”;
  • if the friend invitation was successfully sent, a corresponding message will be displayed on the screen, starting with the word “Excellent!”. If the request fails, an error message appears. You will need to double-check the correctness of the name and hashtag input (do not forget about the separator!);
  • now you can go about your business. If the correspondent accepted your request, immediately after that it will appear in your friends list. But the likelihood that this will certainly happen now is not very high, so you need to be patient.

How to add friends to Discord on your phone

Usually the instructions for iPhones and smartphones on Android are different, but in our case, the steps you need to follow to send an invitation to a friend are the same:

  • launch the Discord application on your device (it can be either a smartphone or a tablet);
  • we perform the same actions as on the computer: tap on the “Home” button located at the top left;
  • now in the main panel, press the “Friends” button;
  • in the upper right corner we see the “Add friend” button (an icon of a person with a “+” sign);
  • on the new “Add to Friends” screen, you will need to enter your friend in the DiscordTag text field, being careful not to make mistakes, press the “Send” button;
  • if successful, the message “Request sent to <user name>” appears below, but it will disappear quickly, after about a second or two.

At first glance, the procedure is no different from the one we performed on a computer. In fact, the mobile version of the Discord app has an advantage over the desktop app, as it can use an algorithm that takes your current location into account when looking for friends. By and large, it works the same in any social media app:

  • launch Discord;
  • if we see the menu bar, press the “Home” button, and then select the “Friends” option;
  • click (or rather, tap) on the “Add friend” button located at the top right;
  • but then the fun begins. At the bottom of the home screen of the application, a button “Start search nearby” will appear. We tap on it;
  • if you are using a mobile gadget running on the Android operating system, the application will ask you to provide access to a number of permissions – we agree with every request that appears;
  • Discord uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies and Ultrasonic Audio to find friends near you . It is clear that one of these options must be activated on your friend’s smartphone;
  • in case of a successful search, all close friends will appear in the list under the request to add a friend. All that remains is to press the “Send” buttons located to the right of the username and his tag;
  • in case of successful sending of the request, the caption on the “Send” button will change to “Sent” and it will no longer be active. At the same time, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds about the successful sending of the invitation.

As you can see, unlike adding a person by nickname, you don’t need to know him here, but only those people who are already your friends in other applications will get into the program’s field of view. And the second minus – it is far from always possible to determine who he is by nickname, so you can add someone who you didn’t want to be friends.

Invite third parties to your Discord channel

To invite people to your server, you must have the appropriate permissions. If this is a channel you created yourself, then you will have the default permissions for Instant Invite. Otherwise, you need to negotiate with the channel owner to give you the credentials for your role on his server.

If everything is in order with the permissions, launch the Discord program. When installing it, the application icon should appear in the Windows Start menu, if it is a Mac, then in the Applications folder. But it’s easier to launch from a shortcut on the desktop, if it was prudently created. The second option is intended for those who prefer not to load the computer with numerous programs that require installation. Go to the client side of the Discord site through your browser. Its main screen is no different from the software one.

Select among the servers in the left pane the one for which you want to make an invitation. The list of channels of the selected server will appear to the right of the list. Click on the channel to which you want to send the invitation, and in the pop-up context menu, select “Instant invitation”. A link will appear in the next window that can be used to send an invitation.

Confirmation of an application from a friend

When one of your friends decides to invite you and sends their invitation, a button will appear in your Discord client that you need to click on. This will be enough to join a new channel – no other action is required, the procedure is extremely simple.

So now you know how to add people to your server on Discord regardless of whether your platforms are the same. And how to respond to invitations sent. Over time, your friends list can grow so big that you have to clean it up. Special bots cope with this task, which we will also talk about.


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