How to find Slimes in Minecraft and how to make a Slime farm?

In Minecraft there are an infinity of creatures, both good and bad. Some are easier to get than others, since the most difficult bring objects that allow you to perform advanced constructions. For this reason and to find one of the mobs in the game today you will see How to find Slimes in Minecraft and how to make a farm?

These creatures are among the best in the title, because they drop a super rare item, which helps you in the construction of advanced objects in the game . So if you want to become a construction professional, you must have a Slime farm in your world.

How to Find Slimes in Minecraft and How to Make a Slime Farm

Of course, they are not the only rare creatures that you can farm, so if after this tutorial you feel creative, it is recommended that you look for how to make a simple mob farm in Minecraft? , so that nothing stops you in this title.

How to find Slimes in Minecraft and how to make a farm?

Slimes are aggressive game mobs, which will attack the player when they see them, jumping towards them in order to attack them. They are square and gelatinous green in color, they are always jumping and making a characteristic sound when doing so. They have the peculiarity of having different sizes, such as small, medium and large.

This size will depend on several factors such as the difficulty of the game. When they kill them, they drop a rare item, called a slime ball, which is used to make materials such as pistons and ropes .

These creatures can be found below layer 40 of the game in specific portions of the terrain or chunks (they will not spawn at all). They can also be found in the swamp between layers 50 and 70, which have a light level less than 7.


These usually appear when there is a full moon and never when there is a new one, since this causes the light level to vary in an area. Slimes need a lot of space to appear, but this also depends on their size, if they are large they need 3 × 2½ × 3, medium ones 3 × 2 × 3 and small 1 × 2 × 1.

In order for them to be generated, they also need no lava or water on the site, and they will only appear in solid blocks and not opaque ones like torches, nor can there be anything obstructing because they will not appear. Similarly, there can be no other type of aggressive creature nearby.

Farm construction

Now that you know the above, it is time to build the farm to be able to fully answer the question How to find Slimes in Minecraft and how to make a farm? The first thing you have to do is look for the seed of your game, and place it on the next page.

This will make a calculation of where are the squares where these creatures are most likely to be generated allowing you to see the chunks or spawn chunks (coordinates), when you already have them press F3 + G within the game to mark the chunks and know in which area to work.

Delineate your area by placing a block in each corner and then in one of these, go down to height 38, there break three blocks vertically, and then go down four more blocks from the same corner. (If you wonder how to know in which layer I am in Minecraft? It is because you are still very inexperienced, so it is recommended to look for a guide to find out this detail that is mandatory).


Then, after going down, break three blocks again and go down four, so on until you reach height 10. At each stop where you broke three blocks, you must create a room the size of the chunk area that you delimited.

For this you must use a diamond pick (to speed up the process not because you need it), when you have your three high rooms ready for whatever the width of your chunk is, illuminate everything so that no creatures appear (this does not affects Slime because they are generated with light).

And voila, with that Slimes should appear in each of your rooms which you can kill to get the slime balls. Therefore, the question How to find Slimes in Minecraft and how to make a farm has already been answered , completely.


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