How to find Silent mobile

If it happens as normal to us, the relaxation of the holidays tends to make us more conducive to misleading our things, such as the telephone . And to top it all, looking for the maximum disconnection during those days, no matter how hard we try to call to find it, most likely we have left our mobile in silence .

That is why we want to bring you this little practical in which we will teach you how to  find and sound a mobile in silence, wherever it is , and as long as it meets the only two requirements that we will need to be able to locate it: that it is turned on , and that it has a connection to the network (it will be worth whether it is via Wi-Fi or data).

How to find an Android phone

In the event that our phone works with  an Android operating system , we will have to access  this website  from any device, either from a computer or another mobile.

Once here, we will only have to  log in with the Gmail account that we have linked  to our phone (in the case that we use several accounts on a phone, the same one that we have linked in the Google Play Store), and they will all appear. the devices linked to this email account.

After choosing the lost phone in question, we will select the “Play sound” option   from the left menu, so the phone will begin to sound a different tone than usual, and it will gradually increase in volume until we find it or stop it from this application, or up to  a maximum of five minutes .

How to find an Apple (iOS) phone

If, on the other hand, we use an iPhone, in the same way through the browser of any device or computer, we will have to access  the following web address .

After identifying  ourselves with  the iCloud account that we have associated with our phone (the same one that we use to download applications in the App Store), all the devices linked to this email account will appear.

If we have more than one device linked, we will have to access the list at the top to show us  “All devices” . Once we have selected our lost mobile, we will be able to access a window in the upper right part where we will find an option called  “Play sound” .

Once activated,  the mobile will silently begin to vibrate , increasing in intensity little by little, and if it is not found or stopped, it will begin to emit a sound different from the usual ones, also increasing its volume little by little until it is found. Unlike Android phones, this sound  does not have any kind of time limitation , so it will remain active until we stop it manually.

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