How to find out your motherboard model

It is necessary to know which motherboard is on the PC, since this makes it possible to:

  • Determine which CPU is suitable for which socket.
  • Understand which video card and operating system she will make friends with.
  • Are there ports for M.2 solid-state drives.
  • Find out if you can put a “stone” under overclocking.

The methods presented here will help you determine the name of the model, as well as the brand under which it is released.

How to find out the name of the motherboard

The name of this device can be viewed through a computer. This is not difficult at all: everything is described below.

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“System Information” in Windows 7, 10

One of the three simplest methods to find out the information you need without using third-party software is the System Information utility integrated into Windows. It is in the 7th, 10th version.

How to view:

  1. In the Windows search box, enter the name of the standard application. Alternatively, you can use the Win + R combination and type msinfo32.
  2. In the window that opens, in the items “Manufacturer” (motherboard manufacturer) and “Model”, the necessary data are presented.

Tip : If you want an inexpensive gaming board, the MSI B450 GAMING PLUS MAX is  great. It has four slots for RAM, as well as a pair of slots for video adapters.

Through the command line

Here, too, everything is simple: you need to start it, and then type the command.

How to find out the model of the motherboard through the command line
Command line invocation There are several ways:
open “My Computer” and enter cmd.exe in the search;
in the Windows search bar, type “command line”;
right-click on “Start” and select the required application from those offered by the system.
Command entry 1. Type wmic baseboard get product and press Enter.
2. The model of the installed motherboard appears in the window.
To find out the manufacturer, you need to enter: wmic baseboard get manufacturer.

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Visual inspection of the motherboard

You don’t have to bother at all and just open the PC case to physically examine the “mother”. The main thing is to de-energize the system unit before the operation, put on a wristband or gloves that removes electrostatics: even a small discharge can damage the components.

As a rule, the largest markings are data on the manufacturer and model of the motherboard. This is the case with many motherboards, for example, ASUS H110M-R / C / SI / White-Box for modern Intel processors, and ASUS (PRIME_A320M-K) for fresh AMD processors.

If you have difficulty understanding the written symbols, you can simply drive the markings indicated on the device into Google and find all the data.

Programs for viewing system information

You can also find out what the “name” of the motherboard is by means of third-party software . Below are the five most convenient options.

They also make it possible to assess the state of the PC as a whole and individual components, see their temperature, and test their performance. Thanks to this, you can avoid the troubles associated with equipment failure. So, overheating of the motherboard or video card can affect the operation of the entire computer, and in critical cases, devices will fail, “dragging” a few more elements with them.

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Popular software that provides comprehensive information about the components and the state of the computer. There are stripped down (free) and full (paid) options. But even the demo allows you to find out the model of the board and the company that released it. The data of interest is available immediately after starting the software in the section with the corresponding name.

Recommendation : If you need a simple motherboard for home and office assembly, A320M-HDV R3.0 will do. It has the necessary set of connectors and is also equipped with passive cooling, which provides additional protection against overheating.


It is a free tool to collect information about your computer, including motherboard data. You can get them like this:

  • Download the utility from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Install the software using the pop-up tips and launch it.
  • In the program window, go to the tab with the desired name. If the user has an English version, you need to find “Mainboard”. Here you can see the model, manufacturer and other data.

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Piriform Speccy

With the help of this program, you can also collect useful information about the filling on a PC or laptop . How to view the data on the motherboard: after downloading and launching, you need to find a section called “Motherboard” in the right window of the software.


This app, like many others, does not need to be purchased. However, you do not have to download it: it is embedded in the operating system. How to do:

  1. Press Win and R at the same time.
  2. Dial dxdiag.
  3. A window will pop up where you need to find the lines: manufacturer and model. Let the word “computer” in the title do not confuse: this data is about the motherboard.


There is no need to pay for the program. It, like the other options on the list, provides information about the hardware. With its help, you can see the motherboard model, the version of the chipset and the subsystem. Everything is shown on the main screen, and if you need the most complete specifications of the device, then they can be found in the “Motherboard”.

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The motherboard name is the first step to understanding the upgrade options for the PC. It is not difficult to find out: this can be done both by methods built into the operating system, or by using special software.

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