How to find out who is sharing your Instagram Stories

How to find out who is sharing your Instagram Stories.Curious about who shares the stories you post on Instagram to friends?.

Instagram has been allowing, for some years now, to share moments of one’s daily life in an impromptu way through stories .
It is quick and easy, and also very creative, because it is not possible to upload only a photo or a video, but also to write to it, put effects, date or time, stickers , take a survey and much more. You can even draw or apply augmented reality filters! Once a content is uploaded, the story will self-delete the next day at the same time. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Other Instagram users can view our stories, react by adding an emoticon, comment or share what we have published directly with other users. Of course, when someone shares your Instagram Stories with other users they could do so for several reasons . If you have posted something funny they will want to show it to some friends, if you have posted something interesting they can share it with other users who have the same interests and may find the content just as useful or simply to gossip!

Well if you are curious to find out who is sharing your stories to see if someone is gossiping behind your back or to understand if what you share in the stories also interests other users you are in the right place.

Who sends your Instagram stories to friends

We assume that Instagram doesn’t show who actually shares your stories . In fact, it is not possible to know through the platform, officially, which user has sent your story to another person. It means that you will not know the name and surname or the nickname of the person who shared your story. Given what has happened in the past, however, in the future it may be possible to find out who sends your Instagram stories to friends.

In fact, when it was not possible to send or share Instagram stories, the only solution to show others a story, and perhaps gossip, was to take a screenshot and send it in chat. If at first this option was practiced a lot, Instagram changed its policy and for a very short period of time revealed who had taken a screenshot of your story. The most recent solution, however, was to allow users to send or not the stories of another user and to those who publish them to decide whether to make sharing possible.

If you don’t want another person to send your stories to others you can follow this procedure:

  • Go to your profile, click on the three dashes to open the menu;
  • Select “Settings” then tap on “Privacy”;
  • Click on the item “History” and scroll until you find “Allow sharing”;
  • Turn off the toggle if you don’t want to allow others to send your stories direct.

Difference between sharing and re-sharing of history

In the menu where you can turn off story sharing you could easily get confused.

Be very careful because there is a big difference between “allow sharing” and “allow re-sharing”. This second item in fact allows other users to add your post to their story, of course always mentioning your nickname and part of the caption. Furthermore, users who will see this person’s story by tapping on the re-sharing will go directly to the post you published!

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