How to find out the size of your girlfriend’s fingers

Let’s find out together  How to find out the size of your girlfriend’s fingers , in our guide.

You may be worried about how you are going to find your girlfriend’s ring size without ruining your proposal plans. 

Have no fear, we will show you a few tricks to get the right engagement ring size and still keep it as a surprise:

How to find out the size of your girlfriend’s fingers

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Regardless of the technique you choose, we want you to have confidence when you walk into any store to buy your ring. 

Discover 6 different tactics to find your girlfriend’s finger size:

Make a really stealthy move and scale your finger while they sleep

Hear us out: if you’re having a deep sleep on your hands, this can be an amazing way to find out the size of your partner’s ring. (This can also create a fun story in the future.)

While your partner is in Sleeping Beauty mode, take a simple rope, fishing line, or piece of paper and wrap it around the finger of your left hand. It may take a few nights to get it right, but you’re safe as long as they don’t wake up.

take one of your existing rings

One of the easiest ways to find out the size of her ring without her realizing it would be to find one of her rings and temporarily borrow it. We normally do not tolerate taking anything without your permission, but in this case we believe it is for a good cause.

The trick is to be stealthy when borrowing the ring. Notice where you keep your rings, whether it’s in a jewelry box or if you put them on your nightstand when you shower or get ready. Try to pick an opportunity where you have more time so you can be precise and don’t worry about her coming back and exposing her secret.

Enlist the help of your friends to determine the ring size

It’s probably easier than you think for a friend to sneak up on the topic of ring size in conversation. 

Here are some ways to recruit some of your partner’s friends to determine your engagement ring size:

1. Pick one or two friends who already have an engagement ring.

At brunch (or something similar), ask one of the friends to bring rings and suggest that everyone swap and try on. When your partner without a ring tries on his friends, he will be able to measure how big or small his ring was. 

They might even hint at what they want in this conversation, so remind your friends to keep an eye out for more than just engagement ring size details.

2. Ask a friend of your partner to ask you to buy an engagement ring (for the friend, not your partner).

Unless this friend is also getting engaged soon, it would be random for a single person to suggest their partner make a specific plan to try on the rings. 

Instead, we suggest that it is a “coincidence” that they go to a jeweler. Maybe they make plans to go to the mall and when they come across a jeweler there, the friend says, “Hey, I have a random idea …”

3. Ask your partner’s best friend to ask you the size of the ring.

This is kind of a best friend duty to ensure that your best friend gets her dream ring. 

Why not ask a friend, brother or parent of your partner to tell you, “At some point, you and I know that Jim will need to know your ring size. I’m not saying it’s soon or not, but we’ll find out if he’s coming to see me. “

Compare fingers

This method is a bit more difficult, but if you are desperate, give it a try! When you hold his hand, see if one of his fingers is the same size as your finger. 

For example, your ring finger may be as big as your little finger. This method is not extremely accurate, but the more information we have about the size of the ring, the closer we get!

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