How to find out if someone has deleted me from Facebook

Facebook is a social network created by the programmer Mark Zuckerberg, it was made to be able to keep in contact with many people from all over the world, in addition to that they can share information on many topics through it. It is one of the most popular social channels for many users who surf the Internet today.

Many of your friends, family and even acquaintances must create an account on Facebook, to see a lot of photos, publications of your friends or even to be in one or several local groups in which people share certain information on a topic of your interest.

However, as in many of the social networks that exist, all users have the option to stop seeing someone’s publications on Facebook , as well as we can deactivate or block comments on photos  and many other options.

I suppose that many times you have wondered if someone has blocked Facebook posts and you want to end the doubt if someone did, because here in discover how to do it I will leave you with a very simple way to know if someone deleted you from their friends or I lock you from your Facebook account.


  • How to find out if someone has deleted me from Facebook
  • Who has blocked me on Facebook

How to find out if someone has deleted me from Facebook

  • You must first start by logging into your Facebook account, whether you do it on your computer or on your phone.
  • You must look for the option of ” menu“, (this is in the upper right corner of the screen of your computer or telephone).
  • Then you must select the option ” Activity log“.
  • After opening the activity log window, you should look for the side menu that says ” Filters” that you can find on the left side.
  • Then click on the ” See More” option .
  • Now you must select the option that says ” Friends“.
  • After selecting this option, a variety of options will appear where you must choose the option that says ” Friends added.”
  • After having selected the option of added friends, you should immediately see a record with all the friends that you have added to your Facebook account, in this list the friends that you have added will appearfrom the most recent to the oldest.
  • To find out if any of them have removed you from their friends list, you must select the personyou are interested in knowing if they did.
  • After doing this, a pop-up window will appear where some of the data of the profile you selected will be; If an option that says “Add” or “Add to friends” appears in that pop-up window, it means that that person has removed you from their private profile.

This would be one of the ways in which you can find out if someone has removed you from their Facebook friends list, in addition to this you can also do many other things with these settings. Just as you can configure the privacy of your account and block or remove the option to share on Facebook with other people.

Who has blocked me on Facebook

In such a case that someone has blocked you on this social network,  there is no method as precise as the one I just indicated above to discover who has done it, but we can have several indications that will effectively show us that someone has blocked us on Facebook.

These are some points with which you can intuit and check if someone has blocked you on Facebook:

  • Your profile does not appear in the Facebook search engine.
  • You cannot interact with anything about their profile.
  • You cannot have a chat with that person.
  • You find his Facebook profile through the Google search engine but not in the Facebook search engine.
  • Other friends can see their profile but you can’t.

These are some of many tips to know how Facebook works and is used. This keeping you within a privacy limit when you are within this famous social network, since it is used by approximately 2,700 million people around the world. Successes !.


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