How to find lost smartphone in silent mode

Another smartphone or a simple Internet access via browser is enough to find the lost gadget; whether he’s in the next room or he’s stayed in the office.

Although the smartphone has now become an inseparable companion in everyday life, it inevitably happens to lose it around at least a couple of times a day, whether under the car seat, between the sofa cushions or directly in the office. This is why both Apple and Google have introduced methods in their operating systems to conveniently locate lost gadgets .

Apple arrived there first with the launch of Find My iPhone , a free platform available both on the App Store and on the web which, after identifying with the Apple ID used for the phone, allows you to find your gadget on a geographical map and to make it ring to understand where the sound is coming from, even when the mode of use is silent. For the find to be successful, you must have activated the relevant functionality in the settings menu under iCloud. Here, among the most useful options there is also sending the last position, which in the event of a low battery instructs the phone to tell Apple servers where it was just before it shuts down.

For those who have not activated any of these options, the only other possibility to find their lost iPhone is to have an Apple Watch associated with the phone : in this case, among the watch menus there is a convenient function that does so. ring on command.

The home of Mountain View , in any case has been quick to follow, with an app for Android called Find my Device and – above all – a convenient web interface accessible even by the Google search engine, type “find my smartphone” in the box search from any browser. The functions offered are practically the same: all the devices associated with the desired account are listed in a practical panel, and for each one it is possible to know the last position sent to the servers and try to find it by making it ring even when in silent mode.

However, for all gadgets, Android and iOS, a warning is valid: their position is calculated with the aid of GPS, Wi-Fi and cell phones connected : having one or more of these antennas deactivated decreases the accuracy of the information. collected by the two recovery services.


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