How to find “happiness” for yourself

How to find “happiness” for yourself,

Self-satisfaction and enjoyment in daily life It is what will bring happiness to us. The word “happiness” itself means something that really exists in this world but is very difficult to explain. For oneself without narcissism is chaos, ask people in general what is what everyone is seeking in life. The answer will vary. Even if happiness does not mean everything in life. But it is another aspect of life that is very important. And makes me feel that our life is precious
But it is difficult to ask what happiness is, but it can be simply described as a feeling of satisfaction in one’s life or the absence of pain and stress.

Finding happiness

Finding happiness It is not as simple as defining it, and it is more difficult to maintain an existing happiness than a wonderful life experience. The ultimate success All the good fortune. And enormous wealth They may excite us. But if you consider it carefully, it will not be related to the happiness of life in any way. Happiness does not consist of things that are too high and beyond reach. But it is something that is mixed in our daily life. And it is difficult to keep it with us. Because our society today seems to disgust the simple and simple and neglect the simple living, some people may feel embarrassed. Because I think I have not arrived yet “Social standards” and society also teaches to believe that to be happy must consist of great wealth. Perhaps being the owner of this example will increase your status “high”, but only for a moment. And finally you will realize the truth None of these things bring you true happiness.

What destroys happiness

Maybe we don’t even know that The one who destroys happiness is himself. There are two types:
1. Expect the impossible. Including fantasies Not accepting the truth that we have created for ourselves
2. Hating oneself is not accepting their own flaws
The following recommendations Is something that will help you feel better about life. And can find happiness in the scope of possibilities. Called 6 ways to success are as follows:
1. Expect the impossible. Exquisite expectations that float can lead to disappointment and suffering.
2. Recognize yourself. People need to be changed, some are right, some are wrong, not always right or wrong
. Began to feel hate of yourself or not, no matter what the cause, hurry to find a solution.
4. Try to develop a habit of kindness, forgiveness, self-acceptance, which will be the basis for us to continue to forgive and accept others.
5. Make yourself feel good. Because a good feeling is happiness itself.
6. If you are unable to create happiness for yourself. Even though I tried my best Then you should consult with a psychiatrist. To help eliminate the problem, and finally, I would like to say that “Let’s help each other make us all happy.

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