How to Find Everyone Gordo in Slime Rancher 2

Where to find everyone proudly in the Rainbow Fields, Smoldering Valley and Starlight Coast, what they like and what they hide

Gordo slimes are familiar to fans of the series from the original Slime Rancher. It is quite logical that they returned in Slime Rancher 2. In fact, these are several times larger specimens of ordinary slimes that can be found in different parts of the game world. Some proudly block progress, so you have to destroy them, others hide secrets, and you won’t meet the third at all if you don’t climb into some hard-to-reach places.

So, before you can interact with these giants, you first have to find them. You will also need a specific food to feed proudly until it explodes and clears the way. You will be able to spend less food if you understand what your proudly favorite dish is and feed him only with it. To get to some Gordo, you will have to get a jetpack (jetpack). However, on the Rainbow Fields you do not need it.

rainbow fields

On the territory of the greenhouse there are three different proudly – pink, cotton and phosphorus. Two of them (pink and cotton) need to burst in order to open a passage to other islands. Phosphorus proud hides a secret. You will be able to reach all Gordo without a jetpack.

pink proudly

  • What he eats proudly: any food
  • Favorite food: none (you will need any food for the explosion, 30 servings)

This is what pink proudly looks like in Slime Rancher 2

In the northern part of the island is pink Gordo. Like its smaller cousins, Pink Gordo eats all food categories – fruits, vegetables, and meats – and you’ll need 35 servings in total to make it explode. Look proudly beyond the field of meow slimes. From the Refinery Link, follow the left path to the meow slime area. Keep right to find the passage to this proudly. Once fed proudly, it will explode into many small slimes. A passage will open that leads to a button that opens a teleport to the Smoldering Valley.

Cotton proudly

  • What he eats proudly: vegetables
  • Favorite food: water lettuce (15 water lettuce or 30 any vegetables are needed to explode)

It looks like cotton proudly in Slime Rancher 2

South of the pink gordo is the cotton gordo. From the Refinery Link go to the right side and keep to the right edge until you reach a steep slope going in the opposite direction. Proudly located at the top of the rise, in front of a small cave system. This bunny-shaped slime prefers vegetables, but its favorite food is water lettuce. A small amount of this food can be found if you go down the slope and go in the direction between the west and northwest. After destroying this proudly, you will reach another button that opens a teleport to the Starlight Shore.

Phosphorus proudly

  • What he eats proudly: fruits
  • Favorite Food: Cubes (you will need 15 Cubes or 30 of any fruit to explode)

It looks like phosphorus proudly in Slime Rancher 2

In a small cave near Bea’s greenhouse, if you go up the ramp from the boat, you can find a phosphorous gorod. Behind it is a secret capsule with a crafting recipe. You can easily blow proudly using fruits. His favorite fruit is kubnika. Look for a few bushes in the high ground near the beach. In the same area, there are many pogofruits. Behind this proudly you will discover a source of water.

Smoldering Valley

The island, located to the west and northwest of the Rainbow Fields, is only accessible by teleport. There you will find five different gordos and many other dangers in different regions of the island. You can find rocky, crystal and meow gordos, boom-gordos and bat-gordos.

rocky proudly

  • What he eats proudly: vegetables
  • Favorite food: beetroot (you will need 25 beetroot or 50 any vegetables to explode)

It looks like rocky proudly in Slime Rancher 2

One of the most inaccessible cities. First, you must find your way into a small cave system hidden at the foot of the hills below the teleporter pad. Look for this place on the right, but before heading inside, make sure you have 3 boom plorts and some vegetables. You can grab beetroot from the ranch, as it is Rocky’s favorite vegetable proudly. However, other vegetables will do as well.

Once in the cave system, look for the rocky gordo behind a secret door. To unlock the passage deep into the cave, you will need 3 boom-plorts. After that, you will have to use a jetpack and local geysers to get to the upper ledge, on which this large slime is located. Feed it until it bursts to open a geyser leading to a secret treasure pod.


  • What he eats proudly: fruits
  • Favorite Food: Granite (you will need 25 Granite or 50 any fruit to explode)

It looks like a bat proudly in Slime Rancher 2

You need to go to another cave system. This time, bring fruit with you, while the bat’s favorite fruit is granite. From the geyser area, follow the path to the volcano. Before you get to the volcano, look on the left side for a small path leading into the cave system. Keep to the left until you reach the area with the lava pools, and use your jetpack over the ledges. At the end of this path there will be a large purple bat proudly. Feed him to create a shortcut to the lava section.

boom proudly

  • What he eats proudly: meat
  • Favorite food: thorny chicken (25 thorny chickens or 50 any birds are needed for the explosion)

This is what boom-proud looks like in Slime Rancher 2

Follow any path leading to the lava biome (for example, through the gordo bat described above). Follow the wild slimes to the far west wall. Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll have to jump more or less over the geysers and use the jetpack. Boom Gordo is located in the green area in the center of the map. Proudly loves meat, and the most favorite meat of all is thorny chicken. Blast proudly to open a path to a hidden area with useful loot.

Crystal proudly

  • What he eats proudly: vegetables
  • Favorite Food: Odd Onion (explosion will require 25 Odd Onions or 50 of any vegetable)

It looks like crystal proudly in Slime Rancher 2

This eccentric loves onions, but since there are few of them in the game, any vegetables will do. Find the unique Gordo by taking your jetpack with you and heading north and left of the main geyser node that you will find on the way from the teleporter. Once you manage to jump onto the platform and destroy this slime, you will gain access to another geyser that will make it easier to move around the region. He will also allow you to get to the next proudly.

meow proudly

  • What he eats proudly: meat
  • Favorite food: rocky chicken (you will need 25 rocky chickens or 50 any birds to explode)

This is what a meow proudly looks like in Slime Rancher 2

There is a small island to the north of Crystal Gordo. Use the jetpack and geysers to get across the chasms. If you don’t, you’ll fall into the Sea of ​​Slimes on your way to Meow Gordon. This giant loves meat, and the best dish for him is rocky chickens. After getting rid of the kitten, you will open another portal back to the Rainbow Fields. It will allow you to get to the northern part of the island.

Starlight Coast

This island is south of Rainbow Fields. There you will find 5 more proudly – honey, hunter, ringtail, angler and flutter.

honey proudly

  • What he eats proudly: fruits
  • Favorite Food: Mint Mango

It looks like honey proudly in Slime Rancher 2

This yellow slime is prominently displayed. Head to the pink area and look for a waterfall that flows into the river. On a high ledge near the waterfall there is a honey gordo. Get to it with a jetpack and a few jumps. After the explosion, a secret area with loot will proudly appear. Honey slimes love fruit and their favorite fruit is mint mango. There are trees with these mangoes on the nearby ledges.


  • What he eats proudly: meat
  • Favorite food: roosters (you will need 25 roosters or 50 any birds to explode)

It looks like a proud hunter in Slime Rancher 2

Look for the giant tree in the blue area of ​​the coast. Below, next to the wild path leading from Medovoe Gordo, there is a small beach. Follow the coastline next to the root of the fallen tree to the cave entrance on your right, where the Gordo Hunter is waiting for you. This creature loves meat, and at the same time prefers roosters. Other chickens will do as well. After the explosion, you will find the treasure.

ring-tailed proudly

  • What he eats proudly: any food
  • Favorite food: none (explosion will require 50 servings of any food)

This is what a ringtail proudly looks like in Slime Rancher 2

The ringtail proudly does not have a favorite food, and he will eat all the meat, vegetables and fruits offered to him. Just like the pink proudly found in Rainbow Fields. Unlike the pink gordo, the ringtail can only be fed at night. During the day it turns to stone. Therefore, adjust your path so as to get to it in the dark.

To get to Gordo, use the jetpack and follow the fallen trees in the pink area. After blowing proudly, you will find a teleport back to the southern ledge in the Rainbow Fields.


  • What he eats proudly: meat
  • Favorite food: sea chicken (you will need 25 sea chickens or 50 any birds to explode)

It looks like an angler proudly in Slime Rancher 2

You can get a glimpse of this Gordo by sneaking through the hole next to the Ringtail Gordo, or if you go even further along the coastline instead of climbing the path from the side of the cliff. Whatever path you choose to get to the angler’s cave, the task will not change. Just make sure you have the right dish. Sea chicken is a favorite food of this proud, but in principle any meat will do. After getting rid of the Anglerfish, you will find a geyser that will allow you to get to the hole with the Ringtail Gordo.

fluttering proudly

  • What proudly eats: only the nectar of the moon’s dew
  • Favorite Food: Moondew Nectar

It looks like fluttering proudly in Slime Rancher 2

This pride is the hardest to please. You don’t have to carry fruits, vegetables or farmed chickens with you. The only thing he eats is moondew nectar. Nectar falls from the white flowers in the area of ​​the anglerfish and ringtail gordo. One drop of dew falls from each flower, and new ones appear only at night. Ranchers only need 15 drops to blast this Gordo. The fluttering proud is easy to spot in the southernmost part of the region, on a ledge in the pink biome near where it turns blue.


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