How To Find Capsule 17 in Subnautica

This is what you must do to find Capsule 17 in Subnautica, the third objective of the game. Survive the accident with our complete guide.After finding Capsule 3 and building the underwater speeder , you will receive a call. The Subnautica story now asks us to get to Capsule 17, and a beacon is activated to direct us there . It should be west , with the speeder you’ll get there fast.

The capsule is about 100 meters deep , so make sure you don’t dive until you are above it. Like Capsule 3, the hull is broken and cannot be entered through a hatch . When you arrive, go inside to pick up the PDA . Also, next to Capsule 17 you will see the Shard of Seamoth , which you must scan in order to build the vehicle.


Go back to your capsule. Now we want to build the Seamoth, but we need the Portable Vehicle Bay for it. Swim about 200 meters to a point between north and northeast and dive. You should see remains of the ship, like these .

Among them, you should see the Portable Vehicle Bay Fragment . It should be noted that its location is relatively random . We found it there, but it may be in other debris on the ship. You can try searching near the hull of the ship, diving . Be careful when you notice that radiation hurts you , you still don’t have enough protection to get too close.

When you have it, go back to the capsule. To craft the Portable Vehicle Bay, you need Titanium Ingot, Oil, and an Energy Cell . You know how to get all the ingredients. When you have the Bay, it will appear on your Quick Use items . Deploy it in the water.

Now, from the Bay menu (get on it to interact), it’s time to make the Seamoth . Requires Titanium Ingot, Energy Cell, Glass x2, Oil, and Lead . The only material we have not yet manufactured is Glass, which requires Quartz x2 for each unit. You can find it in caves in the same area as El Plomo .

While doing all this, it is quite possible that you will receive two radio calls . One is to mark the location of Capsule 19 , the other is for the Sunbeam, which will activate a countdown . Don’t worry about her, when she’s done … well, try to be on the surface to see the show.

When you’re done collecting materials, build the Seamoth and pack up the Portable Vehicle Bay . Now we have to go to Capsule 19

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