How to find and recover my Kaspersky product key

When we purchase a Kaspersky product, we receive an activation code to install and use all functions of the software. For this reason, the key is a fundamental requirement if we want to access the full version of the application. We invite you to read the article with which you will learn How to find and recover my Kaspersky product key

What is the Kaspersky Product Key?

The product key is a file with a .key extension that allows the installation and activation of the services offered by Kaspersky without the need for an internet connection. This file is created by Kaspersky Lab specialists and delivered to the user under contract terms.

Each key contains a sequence of bits applicable to a particular service and has an expiration date or period of validity that is programmed from the moment in which the application functions are activated. However, users can activate the trial version of Kaspersky using a free license .

Types of Kaspersky product keys

There are two types of Kaspersky product keys : commercial keys and trial keys . Commercial keys are acquired at the time of purchasing a product from the official website “Kaspersky Lab” and have a long validity time that can be extended by updating the service.

On the other hand, the test key (which can also be purchased from the official website) is designed so that users generally know all the functions of the product before purchasing it. This key has a validity period of thirty days and cannot be extended.

How to find and recover my Kaspersky product key

If you have uninstalled any Kaspersky software due to computer problems or system formatting, then you can choose to download and install Kaspersky for free . However, you can find and retrieve the key to this product . Here is the procedure that you must follow step by step in order to restore the functionalities offered by Kaspersky.

Find the Kaspersky product key

To find the Kaspersky product key, you must look for the original envelope where the installation disc is stored . On the back, you will see the name of the program and a sticker on the bottom of the envelope. This contains the commercial key you need to activate the software on your PC.

Check your email

If you don’t have the original envelope, go to the email you provided for the confirmation order . Locate the Kaspersky email with the title “Order Confirmation”. There, you will also find the product key.

Enter the Kaspersky software

Run the Kaspersky software installation file if you don’t have the program on your PC yet. Then, access it and select the “Support” section which is located in the lower left part of the panel. Finally, locate the key on the right side of the license . Later, you can clean your computer with Kaspersky Cleaner to protect your personal files and remove malicious software.

Recover the Kaspersky product key

To retrieve your Kaspersky product key , go to the official Kaspersky website and search for the customer support section. In the “Ticket” form enter your name and email address. In the drop-down menu, locate and select the product you use on your PC.

Under “Type of problem”, check the option “Activation or license problems.” You will see a new window in which you must enter the data of the site where you bought the product and the date of purchase . Press the “Submit” button for Kaspersky technical support to review your case. Thus, you will receive an email with the product key.

Causes that cause the product key to lock

When a Kaspersky product key is locked, it means that the user has violated the terms of the license agreement . If this happens, you must add a new key in order to use the application on your computer again.


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