How to find and recover draft autosave in WordPress

WordPress automatically stores the work that you do, and saves 25 reviews for each page of your blog or each entry. By manually revising or updating the themes you make, you can go back to a previous version of a post or page. But it doesn’t hurt to learn how to restore autosave drafts in WordPress.

The WordPress system was created in 2003, in order to preserve a blog or any web model. At first this system was widely accepted for blogging and many migrated their blog to WordPress .

But later it became one of the main tools in the commercial creation of web pages. In this you can find the contents in an orderly way, from the most recent, to the oldest; where its development model is free software.

If you need to locate an automatically saved job or project along with the other stored versions of a certain blog or page, you can do it fast and easy. Through this post you will learn how to do it.

WordPress system features

Among the characteristics of the WordPress system, we have that its application is freely distributed, that is, you can modify it whenever you want and in a free way.

In addition, its installation and update are easy to perform. Also if you prefer, you can customize the design and create your own content. In the same way, with this system you can control the web in all aspects, in the same way in which you modify the CSS and HTML codes .

When you are making changes as you write, you publish your pages and posts in the WordPress system; these will be stored automatically after a few seconds.

You will be able to see it in the upper right part, in the editor of the publications module and you will see that the notification of Save deleted was changed to automatic saving. With autosave , all pages and entries are enabled automatically.

Other features is that you can save the entries and pages manually. But you must bear in mind that the changes will not be shown on the blog until you press update in the publish module.

Also, if you have one or more revisions in the post revision module, you will find it later in the last automatic save. It is important that you know that everyone who has assigned roles in WordPress , editors and administrators, will have access to see the reviews. Let’s explain how to recover the autosave of drafts in WordPress.

Steps to follow to find and retrieve autosave drafts

The WordPress system works to have more capacity in its database, that is why each new project automatically replaces the previous one.

In addition, each page or publication has automatic saving of only one project at a time; but the important thing is that you can locate it together with the previous versions . That is why to start looking for it you must first of all enter your WordPress account.

Once there, if you want the automatic backup project to be a single page , click on Pages, which can be found in the menu at the bottom of articles. But, if you’re looking for posts, click on Posts located below posts. Then choose the name of the post or page.

To continue, head over to the Reviews section located below the page. Next, at the top you will find the automatic saving project , at the end it gives the union of the timestamp identified as autosave ; click on the time stamp and then you can enter the project.

We hope that this information has been of great use to you and that you can put it into practice easily and simply. Leave us your opinion, and if you think it could be useful to other people you can share it with your family and friends.


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